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Post by gameseeker86 Sat 25 Jul 2020 - 23:59

I have some questions about the Satalleview Zelda games, and their MSU patches.

1. I’m noticing that all the direct rom downloads on the BS Zelda site are headered. Are the MSU patches supposed to be applied to headered roms? The readmes do not indicate one way or the other for AST, MQ, Maps 1 & 2, and third and fourth quests.

2. I noticed that the PCM packs for third quest and fourth quest are missing tracks -12 and -13. (I’m not at my PC at the moment, but I believe those were the track numbers). Otherwise they are exactly the same as Maps 1 & 2. Why the omission of 2 tracks? Any harm in just including them?

3. General question. Is there any harm in changing the name of the .msu file, so long as it’s name is consistent with the rom and .pcm files? For example, for Ancient Stone Tablets - Master Quest, instead of following the readme as I should have, I changed the .msu and all .pcm file names to mq#, rather than simply changing the rom name to ast#. A lot more work, but I liked the idea of being consistent to the actual game. I just want to make sure this shouldn’t cause problems.



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BS Zelda MSU-1  Empty Re: BS Zelda MSU-1

Post by Conn Sun 26 Jul 2020 - 4:35

1. yes. All bszelda are with header and the patches are for headered rom. That was the convention when I started with bszelda, once you met such a thing, it's hard to change. I think it's the only patch we offer for a headered rom.

2. 12.pcm and 13.pcm are the old man theme and an intro screen. These screens and tracks aren't used by TQ/FQ (only Map1/Map2). You can listen to them:

3. Yes. If you rename everythng (.msu, .pcm, .sfc) to the same name, everything works:

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