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Post by Cubear Sat 8 Jan 2022 - 2:37

Unfortunately it's a hardmute for now, which isn't terribly useful for track identification, but I THINK I got most of them laid out and you can contribute by identifying the currently playing track in ram at 
$7EFFFE regardless of my hack or not. (works on unpatched rom)

Track Map (please error check my work and contribute missing tracks)

Patch v0.01 (hardmute with MSU-1 support)

And of course, if anybody finds the time to find some manner of arranged version of the songs and convert them to PCM etc, I would be grateful as well.  RPGs are a big project and this is probably going to take a long time for a final, playable release.

I do plan on upgrading this at some point to a patch with SPC fallback, I just had set my deadline of a beta launch by this weekend, so I went with a hardmute which happens to be much easier.

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