Wolfenstein 3D (Uncut/Redux) (WIP beta)

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Wolfenstein 3D (Uncut/Redux) (WIP beta) Empty Wolfenstein 3D (Uncut/Redux) (WIP beta)

This is an improvement hack by Fire-WSP on romhacking.net that restores all of the original content from the PC version (including Spear of Destiny) with vastly improved graphics and frame rate amongst many other things.

Fire-WSP says"Happy 30th Wolfenstein 3D Anniversary!
To celebrate this occasion we are releasing the beta version of our
SNES Wolfenstein 3D Uncut/Redux Hack today. This is one of the most extensive SNES Rom hacks
ever made and we are proud to share it with you now.
Please note that this is still a WIP beta!"

The patch is here
Redux + MSU-1 patch

I've extracted and made a 3D0 OST music pack here
3D0 OST Music Pack

There's also the more fitting Original Roland SC-55 Midi OST by MusicallyInspired
Original Roland SC-55 Midi OST
Mike Prince Sharpe
Mike Prince Sharpe
Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon

Since : 2022-03-29

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Wolfenstein 3D (Uncut/Redux) (WIP beta) :: Comments


Post Mon 26 Sep 2022 - 14:22 by Conn

Nice Very Happy I moved this topic to merged though since the database is restricted to original roms msu patches

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Post Tue 27 Sep 2022 - 19:46 by VVV18

What job was this?!?
( Oh meu deus )
This is a new game, thank you very much indeed,
I just loved and loved and loved!!!

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