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Merged Patches M-Z

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  • 20190418
     Global announcement:
    After the previous discussion, I'm happy to announce that we now have a Patreon page!

    This is still a pretty new thing, so we're definitely open to feedback and suggestions for things like supporter perks.  This has been an amazingly supportive community, and I'm looking forward to keeping it going for years to come.

    by qwertymodo - Comments: 17 - Views: 21222
  • 20221123
    Terranigma-Pixel Freemaster (v1.0) by Nintenja and various authors is released and available.

    It includes in one single easy to use. Ips patch:
    MSU-1 Audio Support
    NTSC 60hz
    8×16 Font
    Ark has Blue Hair Restored
    Bloody Mary Boss HP is nerfed 33%

    Download patch from
    patch to Terranigma (Europe) Rom using patching program or rom patcher JS

    by Nintenja - Comments: 1 - Views: 119
  • 20220926
    This is an improvement hack by Fire-WSP on that restores all of the original content from the PC version (including Spear of Destiny) with vastly improved graphics and frame rate amongst many other things.

    Fire-WSP says"Happy 30th Wolfenstein 3D Anniversary!
    To celebrate this occasion we are releasing the beta version of our
    SNES Wolfenstein 3D Uncut/Redux Hack today. This is one of the most extensive SNES Rom hacks
    ever made and we are proud to share it...

    by Mike Prince Sharpe - Comments: 2 - Views: 253
  • 20220926
    I've merged together an IPS that restores censored content from the Japanese version with Special Cup available on 50cc and MSU1 by others.
    Restoration + MSU

    by Mike Prince Sharpe - Comments: 10 - Views: 290
  • 20220927
    Not to be confused with Mega Man & Bass.
    Megaman Bass [Mega Man Bass] is a ROM hack created by Falchion22.  This turns the main character from Mega Man to Bass, hence the name, as well as his own story line.  Falchion22 was the first to make Zero playable in Mega Man X titled "Mega Man Z".  As Zero was more of a palette swap of X it is similar here with Bass opposite Mega Man, but it's close enough to feel like you're playing as Bass (at least the buster shots are different and look pretty cool). There are two versions I made available:

    by ComboMan - Comments: 0 - Views: 138
  • 20211121

    MSU-1 merged Super FX 21 MHz Mode v1.4 and
    MSU-1 merged Super FX 21 MHz Mode + FASTROM v1.0


    PCM set by daniloroxette v2

    by ABOhiccups - Comments: 30 - Views: 2969
  • 20220819
    For those who haven't been able to use SA-1 with Relocalization, here you go:
    Merged Patches M-Z Mega_m10

    At first the SA-1 hack by Bosn didn't really get along with MSU-1 or the Relocalization hack by Jack Nagare.  But then, a patch was made...

    by ComboMan - Comments: 0 - Views: 267
  • 20220731
    Hello, I found this hack on RHDN, and thought that others might like it. 🙂

    Hack made by Nintenja. Here is the description of it.

    Super Star Wars is a Super Nintendo Classic action platformer known for its notorious difficulty. These two patches should help with that as they both provide the very modern infinite...

    by Polargames - Comments: 0 - Views: 247
  • 20220704
    Polargames wrote:Just wanted to let people know, if they are looking for a translation of this game besides English, there's only polish and that is not a finished translation. A French translation is available but that is D2DEZEL's thing. 🙂

    Hello Very Happy

    I put the Sailor patch in French on my Mega link


    by D2DEZEL - Comments: 2 - Views: 298
  • 20210517
    Hello, This is an enhanced patch for S.M.W. It has some minor bugs fixed for the game and a very cool surprise added. Very Happy  It is also SA-1 set and ready to go.

    Place Holder Video


    by Polargames - Comments: 4 - Views: 1900
  • 20210517
    Hello, This is SMAS-8-bit. What this patch does is correct the levels of SMB-LL to have the old red brick path that was made famous in the first game. It also fixes minor colour issues and also gives mario and his bro white gloves in SMB 3. I hope you like it.  Very Happy


    by Polargames - Comments: 13 - Views: 1298
  • 20220623

    This is for the ntsc version of the game. Applies the correct colors for the game that is found in the arcade version.

    by Polargames - Comments: 0 - Views: 306
  • 20220404
    Turrican 4 hack MSU
    Merged patch of PepilloPevs Rendering Ranger R2 MSU hack and BonusJZ Turrican 4 hack.
    Sources used:
    Turrican 4 hack v1.4:
    Rendering Ranger R2 MSU v1.0b6:

    Includes a set of Turrican 1+2+3 themed pcms I whipped together in Audacity.
    Use the patch on this rom:

    by Retroplay - Comments: 1 - Views: 495
  • 20220306
    MSU-1 v1.3 + FastROM v1.0 merged
    Source patches used:

    I had to remove intro/splash screen from FastROM hack to get MSU audio to work.
    If you should happen to read this Linkuei; I'm terribly sorry, it's a nice splash screen, so my apologies in advance.
    Apply patch to clean headerless US rom.

    by Retroplay - Comments: 0 - Views: 458
  • 20210903

    Merged Patch

    PCM Pack

    by ABOhiccups - Comments: 9 - Views: 1875
  • 20211023
    Hello, here is a new hack from Super Mario World Co-op:

    use Super Mario World (USA)

    For PCM's

    don't forget to rename the pcm's to "smwc_msu1-...

    by D2DEZEL - Comments: 1 - Views: 1031
  • 20210903
    Source patches used:

    Here is a collection of merged patches for U.N. Squadron (Apply to clean USA Non Headered rom).

    Area 88 EN Plus by blizz + FastRom by Vitor Vilela + MSU-1 Patch by PepilloPeV updated by Relikk for Relikk's Arcade PCM Set:

    by SuperFeistyFox - Comments: 0 - Views: 1062
  • 20210903
    Source patches used:

    Apply to clean US rom.
    Name: NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (USA).sfc
    Size: 3145728
    CRC32: 1fbc1ddb

    Combined MSU1 v1.2 + 2K22 v1.28.1.2 patch

    by Retroplay - Comments: 0 - Views: 1099
  • 20210721
    Super Mario World MSU+ into widescreen is finally available into widescreen!


    PCM tracks are in this thread:

    by Brutapode89 - Comments: 3 - Views: 2088
  • 20210718
    Hello, here is a new hack from Yoshi's Island:

    Started in end 2018, Yoshi's Lullaby is YoshiVert99's hack of Super Mario World 2, released on SNES. Discover 54 new levels with your favorite Yoshi color ! The game is exploration-oriented, some parts are harder and sometimes you must think to solve mini-enigmas to complete the game to 100%.

    use Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (U) (V1.0)

    By Yoshivert99

    by D2DEZEL - Comments: 0 - Views: 1162
  • 20210622

    - Patch -

    MSU1 & Mario Kart SX Merged Patch (Original MSU1 patch by qwertymodo & original Mario Kart SX patch by DarthMarino):

    - PCM Pack -

    Mario Kart 64 &...

    by Brutapode89 - Comments: 0 - Views: 1380
  • 20210519

    Super Mario World Odyssey presented by D2DEZEL and!NJkRGCwD!RYXKeap9OxVrniaUQFLgNQ

    There is a Super Mario World Odyssey patch by lx5 merged with the msu1 patch inside the pcm set which should be applied on your rom. But you of course you can play this set also standalone.

    by Conn - Comments: 2 - Views: 1787
  • 20210519
    Hello, here is Lucas Dext5r new Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Deluxe hack with the addition of the MSU-1

    the addition of some details by Lucas Dext5r:

    9 MK3 zones restored in the game (with Pit Fatalities)!
    Sheeva finally playable (with Vs. Screen and finishers)!
    More characters run in Stryker’s Friendship
    Infinite time for the Kombat Zone.
    Now the name “Friendship” is spoken twice, as in MK3!

    by D2DEZEL - Comments: 0 - Views: 1954
  • 20210519

    SPC placeholder

    Yoshi's Strange Quest MSU-1 by Yoshifanatic!JQ0AzKDY!-5waBZ6H3jn9aOVwt_vA0g
    Yoshi SFX only are msu1:ed, not the bgm. The msu patch is already merged with the provided bps

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 985
  • 20200922

    - Patch -

    MSU1 & Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Merged Patch (Original MSU1 patch by Medic & original Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized patch by superwiidude):

    - PCM Pack...

    by Brutapode89 - Comments: 13 - Views: 3129
  • 20200512
    - Patch -

    MSU1 & Mario Kart R Merged Patch (Original MSU1 patch by qwertymodo & original Mario Kart R patch by d4s):

    - PCM Pack -

    Mario Kart Wii (by PittStone & track selection by Brutapode89):

    by Brutapode89 - Comments: 0 - Views: 2274
  • 20200315
    - Patch -

    MSU1 & Super Mario World - Return to Dinosaur Land Merged Patch (Original MSU1 patch by Conn & original Super Mario World - Return to Dinosaur Land patch by RAGB):

    - PCM Pack -

    Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey (by & track selection by Brutapode89):

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 3034
  • 20200315

    - Patch -

    MSU1 & Phazon Merged Patch (Original MSU1 patch by DarkShock & original Phazon patch by Red_M0nk3y):

    - PCM Pack -

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (by Relikk &...

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 1925

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