Ninja Gaiden (Mesen HD) Patch

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Ninja Gaiden (Mesen HD) Patch Empty Ninja Gaiden (Mesen HD) Patch

Ninja Gaiden (US) Mesen HD enhanced audio patch v1:

A U D I O  P A C K S

Ninja Gaiden (US) Mesen HD Conspiracy83 Music Pack:

This is only for the Mesen or RetroArch (with latest Mesen core) emulators! Not real hardware!

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Since : 2017-10-16

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Ninja Gaiden (Mesen HD) Patch :: Comments


Post Mon 28 Aug 2023 - 17:11 by pev

@ToAll There is a bug that affects the Jaquio cutscene. If muting track ID 4B(75) Crisis, it will affect the cutscene. What will happen is after Jaquio is suppose to show Irene being held captive - it will show a black screen for a brief moment - then transition over to the cutscene where Ryu says "You Coward" - after that, the game's cutscene well resume to normal. If NSF is allowed to play w/o muting; this cutscene plays fine.

All other cutscenes are unaffected. For now, I left this track playing the NSF version instead until I figure out how to deal with this particular track with the Jaquio cutscene.

If you find any other bugs, please use Mesen 2.0 and perform a save state at least a few seconds before the issue occurs. Also, a video recording of what happens will be very helpful to track and fix bugs. Thanks in advance.

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Post Fri 8 Sep 2023 - 10:24 by darthvaderx

It works perfectly together with graphics packs, just copy the contents of hires.txt to the end of the original hires.txt,

I also made some hacks merges to make the game much more 'enjoyable' to play:

Ninja Gaiden Restoration + Optional Free Movement by CF

This is a set of two patches. The first one aims to make the English Ninja Gaiden release closer to its original Japanese version while fixing a significant bug. The second patch has the same features as the first, but also serves as an optional remixed version that can be considered an easy type.

Changes for the restoration patch:

   The player is sent to level 6-3 rather than 6-1 upon dying against the final boss trio.
   Item placements are reverted to their Japanese originals, as evident in stages such as 4-1 where they reach the very top of the screen again.
   Ken’s name is changed to Joe like in the Japanese version and 3D series. Ninja Dragon is also changed to Dragon Ninja.
   Typos and grammatical errors are fixed such as Irene’s “your safe” line.
   Lines containing “damn” and “hell” from the unfinished script (which ultimately made their way into Ninja Gaiden Trilogy for the SNES) are restored.

Additional changes for the free movement patch:

   The player’s backwards jumping momentum is the same as their forward jumping momentum.
   The player suffers no horizontal knockback.
   The timer is permanently frozen (but I edited it to make it run again).
   A few new item placements are provided. For example, stage 3 was the only level in the original game not to contain the Jump & Slash technique, so it is added to 3-2.


Ninja Gaiden - RIP enemies hack by Cyneprepou4uk:

 Once you kill an enemy, it will stay dead and won’t respawn.


So I leave here a link with the patch with all these modifications and the hires.txt to use the sounds together with the images:

Enjoy. Wink

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Post Fri 8 Sep 2023 - 10:56 by pev

@darthvaderx Thanks for your post. I did a brief test using your merged patch and it has some GFX glitches with the item placeholders. See video below.

I did not get these glitches using my regular Mesen audio patch and keeping the Mesen Graphics pack. Just posting this in case someone else comes along and mentions this. This is with the latest RetroArch Mesen 0.9.9 core.

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Post Fri 8 Sep 2023 - 11:10 by darthvaderx

The problem is definitely with one of the other two hacks (in fact there are three), I'll test it here separately later and more calmly.

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