Mega Man Mesen HD Audio Patch

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Mega Man Mesen HD Audio Patch Empty Mega Man Mesen HD Audio Patch

** My sound patch is compatible with Mega Man Super **

Mega Man Mesen HD enhanced audio patch v1:

A U D I O  P A C K S

Mega Man (US) Mesen HD Woodfrog YM2612 Music Pack:
YouTube Video Link Demo:

Mega Man (US) Mesen HD Vomitron Music Pack:

This is only for the Mesen or RetroArch (with latest Mesen core) emulators! Not real hardware!

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Since : 2017-10-16

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Mega Man Mesen HD Audio Patch :: Comments


Post Tue 12 Sep 2023 - 16:12 by pev

@ToAll My sound patch is compatible with Mega Man Super pack. I did not include it here to avoid copy right strikes. You can use your favorite search engine to find it.

The patch that was originally included with Mega Man Super had some issues that bothered me. Mostly, the music kept playing when a boss or megaman died. It is fixed with my patch.

Should you find any bugs, please use Mesen 2.0 to perform a save state. This would help immensely. Thanks.

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Post Sun 1 Oct 2023 - 20:13 by Arasoi

I made an ogg pack for Mega Man Super with Woodfrog's YM2612 cover album. The volume is matched to the existing set, and loop points are made properly in the hires.txt.

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Post Tue 21 Nov 2023 - 12:14 by pev

Just throwing this out there if anyone wants to create another sound pack.

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Post Tue 21 Nov 2023 - 23:27 by JUD6MENT

This would also be a good one that I am considering

I also have a String Player Gamer as well as MET Guitar that I have done for project nested that I can convert. I am not sure if I like String Player Gamer or VGmusic revisited better, but I will have to compare and figure that out at some point. I was going to at some point do some music files for this game when I find time. There is so many good options for this game. Just comes down to personal preference how strong or subtle you want the remix.

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