Google Drive Downloads saying "You Need Access"

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Google Drive Downloads saying "You Need Access" Empty Google Drive Downloads saying "You Need Access"

Post by qwertymodo Thu 22 Feb 2024 - 15:44

Every now and again, I get a sharing request notification email from Google Drive for files that I've shared, which shouldn't be happening, because all of the files that I've shared on Google Drive should have been posted with full public permissions.  However, awhile back Google made a change to the way they handle links to shared files, and in the process, they basically made all existing links private and forced everyone to generate new sharing links.  This wasn't too much of a problem, it's easy to generate new links.  The problem is all of the links out there posted on the web from years ago that still have the old sharing keys, which are now invalidated. So what happens if you click one of those links is that you are taken to Google Drive and told you don't have access to the file, and that you'll need to request access.  There's a big blue button that makes it easy to do so, but it's annoying to get those requests over and over again, when those files were supposed to be public in the first place.

So I have a request for all of you.  If you come across one of my Google Drive links like this, that tells you that you need to request access, rather than clicking that button, please just contact me directly, and most importantly, send me a link to the page where you found the file (not the link to the file itself, i.e. send me a link to the thread here on the forum, or to the youtube video, or whatever, NOT the drive dot google dot com link), so I can go back and replace those old links with new public ones that won't require the access request.  That way, you get your link, I can stop getting those access request notifications, everyone wins.


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