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Information: This asm lets you modify the conditions and items you start with when beginning a game.
Rom: Any ALTTP (US), without Header

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Example - start in Sanctuary without any item

Code address: 06/7FB1

Additional info: This asm lets you modify the conditions and items you start with when beginning a game (you can e.g., skip the part being not able to use the sword or meeting your uncle).

Set the desired values as described at the end of the asm.

In the example you get sword and shield, the given srm address $70/0359 corresponds to 7E/F359 (ram for sword), so you can modify items you want to start with (you can also add more stores).

Since it is 2 byte read, also to 7E/F35A (shield) is written. To disable e.g., the start with shield simply make it 00.

Furthermore, there's a code that enables to get the Master Sword out of a chest (currently the game freezes when placing this sword into a chest via HM, all other swords work when placed into chest).  

If you activate the code you cannot get it in the woods anymore, so it is by default inactive - activate it by removing the semicolons before the code (make ";org $0987CF" to just "org $0987CF", same with the BRA.


; SRM Start Modyfier
; This ASM was written by Euclid, modified by Conn; thanks to MoN for his banks research
; This is a ASM FrontEnd Code for Zelda ALTTP (US, no header) to modify the sram on startup
; the values are included to better distinguish where is what. You need to set your own values. Description at the end.


org $0cdc5a ; jsr to main code
jsr $ffb1

org $0cffb1 ; main code

LDA #$0201      ; 01=part of the game $3C5 - 02=Progress flags $3C6      
STA $7003C5,x

LDA #$0201      ; 01=Map indicator $3c7 - 02=Starting entrance $3C8        
STA $7003C7,x

;LDA #$0201      ; disabled:01=sword,  02=shield to start with        
;STA $700359,x   ;save disabled: sword/shield save

;LDA #$0707       ; disabled: the first 07 is the maximum carrying capacity of arrows (70) the second 07 of bombs (50) in case you renounce on the wishing pond
;STA $700370,x   ; save disabled: enable by deleting the";"

LDY #$0000              

;$3C5: $00: Unset, Will put Link in his bed state at the beginning of the game. (Also can't use sword or shield)
;      $01: Start in the castle on start up.
;      $02: Indicates you have completed the first Hyrule Castle dungeon.
;      $03: Indicates you have beaten Agahnim and are now searching for crystals.
;      $04 and above: meaningless. Though, you could write code using them to expand the event system perhaps.

;$3C6: Progress Flags (bitwise)
;    00 - Set after your Uncle gives you his gear in the secret passage. Prevents him from showing up there again.
;    01 - Indicates that you've touched the dying priest in Sanctuary.
;    02 - Set after you bring Zelda to sanctuary?
;    03 - Unused? (98% certainty)
;    04 - Set after Link's Uncle leaves your house. It's used to prevent him from respawning there.  
;    05 - Set after you obtain the Book of Mudora (this is a guess)
;    06 - Seems to be a persistent flag that toggles between two possible statements that a fortune teller can give you during your "reading".
;         In other words, don't expect this to stay in one state if you're using fortune tellers. Has no other known purpose.
;    07 - Unused? (98% certainty)
;    10 - Start value (in house, bed)

;$3C7: Map Icons Indicator 2 (value, not bitwise)
;    00 - start value (cross at Hyrule Castle)
;    01 - cross at Sahasrala's house
;    02 - cross at ruins
;    03 - The Three Pendants
;    04 - Master Sword in Lost Woods
;    05 - Agahnim (skull icon at Hyrule Castle)
;    06 - Just crystal 1 shown (Sahasrala's idea)
;    07 - All crystals shown
;    08 - Agahnim (skull icon at Ganon's Tower)
;    All values beyond 8 are invalid, it seems.

;$3C8: Starting Entrance to use. Abbreviations: LH = Link's House - SA = Sanctuary - MC = Mountain Cave - PP = Pyramid of Power in DW  
;    00 - Start the game in Link's house always.
;    01 - SA.
;    03 - Secret passage under HC garden (near dying uncle).
;    05 - LH or SA or MC.
;$359: Sword you start with
;    00 - No sword
;    01 - Fighter Sword
;    02 - Master Sword
;    03 - Tempered Sword
;    04 - Golden Sword

;$35A: Shield you start with           .      
;     00 - No shield
;     01 - Blue Shield
;     02 - Hero's Shield
;     03 - Mirror Shield  

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