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Change global palette of a sprite Empty Change global palette of a sprite

(1) take basis address pc: 06/B359
(2) check in Hyrule Magic the sprite number you want to change; Blue soldier is 41
Change global palette of a sprite Image210
(3) add this in HEX! to 06/B359:
(4) at pc 06/b39a you find the 19 which is blue for blue soldier. Change the palette according to the palette key below to your wishes (e.g., 19 is blue palette, 17 is red, 1b is green.

This works for every sprite so you can edit the palette specific to each sprite now! An exception are stage 2 sprites that change forms, like the amos statues. See below how to change them.

Here's the palette key:
Change global palette of a sprite Image411

Here's when you change at 06/B39A the 19 to 1d (all blue soldiers changed to golden):
Change global palette of a sprite Legend12

In case you need another color in the global palette you need to repixel each gfx.

Stage 2 sprites:
Some sprites change forms, so you need to change the palette a second time.
crab giving rupees when lifted bush:  03/2915: 09
amos when awoke: 02/B759: 0b
blue tektite 03/0D8E: 09
red tektite 03/0D8f: 07  
leevers: 03/0dea:02

The key is similar to above palette key, only that you need to substract 10 (e.g., blue is 09 instead of 19, red is 07 instead 17). You may notice that amos when awake is actually the green palette (0b or 1b). The code rewrites the green palette so that awoke amos statues look golden. So you cannot have green sprites (like green soldiers together with the amos statues in one screen.

Change global palette of a sprite Image212

Since : 2013-06-30

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Change global palette of a sprite :: Comments


Post Sat 7 Nov 2015 - 7:06 by Conn

It works on both indoor and outdoor sprites. All you need to do is to add in hex the sprite index to 06/B359 and edit the table entry how I described that in the OP; check the image how to find the correct value of your palette you want to use (small mistake in that image: 09 palette is of course 0f palette (that hex thing...)).
Change global palette of a sprite Image411

Here's the complete sprite index list by MoN

$0E20[0x10] - (Sprite)

    The type of the sprite. The following is a list of all the sprite types
    available. For sprite overlords, see $0B00[0x08]

    0x00 = Raven
    0x01 = Vulture
    0x02 = Flying Stalfos Head
    0x03 = Unused (Don't use it, the sprite's ASM pointer is invalid. It will certainly crash the game.)
    0x04 = Good Switch being pulled
    0x05 = Some other sort of switch being pulled, but from above?
    0x06 = Bad Switch
    0x07 = switch again (facing up)
    0x08 = Octorock
    0x09 = Giant Moldorm (boss)
    0x0A = Four Shooter Octorock
    0x0B = Chicken / Chicken Transformed into Lady
    0x0C = Octorock
    0x0D = Normal Buzzblob / Morphed Buzzblob (tra la la... look for Sahashrala)
    0x0E = Plants with big mouths
    0x0F = Octoballoon (The thing that explodes into 10 others)
    0x10 = Octobaby (Baby Octorocks from the Otobaloon)
    0x11 = Hinox (Bomb-chucking one-eyed giant)
    0x12 = Moblin
    0x13 = Helmasaur (small variety)
    0x14 = Thieves' Town (AKA Gargoyle's Domain) Grate
    0x15 = Bubble (AKA Fire Faerie)
    0x16 = Sahashrala / Aginah, sage of the desert
    0x17 = Rupee Crab under bush / rock
    0x18 = Moldorm
    0x19 = Poe
    0x1A = Dwarf, Mallet, and the shrapnel from it hitting
    0x1B = Arrow shot by solder / stuck in wall? Spear thrown by Moblin?
    0x1C = Moveable Statue
    0x1D = Weathervane
    0x1E = Crystal Switch
    0x1F = Sick Kid with Bug Catching Net
    0x20 = Sluggula
    0x21 = Push Switch (like in Swamp Palace)
    0x22 = Darkworld Snakebasket
    0x23 = Red Onoff
    0x24 = Blue Onoff
    0x25 = Tree you can talk to?
    0x26 = Hardhat Beetle (Charging Octopus looking thing)
    0x27 = Dead Rock (Some might see them as Gorons, but bleh)
    0x28 = Shrub Guy who talks about Triforce / Other storytellers
    0x29 = Blind Hideout Guy / Thief Hideout Guy / Flute Boy's Father
    0x2A = Sweeping Lady
    0x2B = Bum under the bridge + smoke and other effects like the fire
    0x2C = Lumberjack Bros.
    0x2D = Telepathic stones? Looks like a prototype for a telepathic interface using sprites instead of tiles. However, this one only says one thing.
    0x2E = Flute Boy and his musical notes
    0x2F = Maze Game Lady
    0x30 = Maze Game Guy
    0x31 = Fortune Teller / Dwarf swordsmith
    0x32 = Quarreling brothers
    0x33 = Pull For Rupees
    0x34 = Young Snitch Lady
    0x35 = Innkeeper
    0x36 = Witch
    0x37 = Waterfall
    0x38 = Arrow Target (e.g. Statue with big eye in Dark Palace)
    0x39 = Middle Aged Guy in the desert
    0x3A = Magic Powder Bat /The Lightning Bolt the bat hurls at you.
    0x3B = Dash Item / such as Book of Mudora, keys
    0x3C = Kid in village near the trough
    0x3D = Older Snitch Lady (Signs?) (Chicken lady also showed up)
    0x3E = Rock Rupee Crabs
    0x3F = Tutorial Soldiers from beginning of game
    0x40 = Hyrule Castle Barrier to Agahnim's Tower
    0x41 = Soldier
    0x42 = Blue Soldier
    0x43 = Red Spear Soldier
    0x44 = Crazy Blue Killer Soldiers
    0x45 = Crazy Red Spear Soldiers (And green ones in the village)
    0x46 = Blue Archer Soldiers
    0x47 = Green Archer Soldiers (in the bushes)
    0x48 = Red Javelin Trooper
    0x49 = Red Javelin Soldiers (in the bushes)
    0x4A = Red Bomb Soldiers
    0x4B = Recruit (Weak Green Soldier) (Note: Name was invented for lack of an official name)
    0x4C = Sand Monsters
    0x4D = Flailing Bunnies on the ground
    0x4E = Snakebasket
    0x4F = Blobs?
    0x50 = Metal Balls (in Eastern Palace)
    0x51 = Armos
    0x52 = Zora King
    0x53 = Armos Knight
    0x54 = Lanmolas boss
    0x55 = Zora / Fireballs (including the blue Agahnim fireballs)
    0x56 = Walking Zora
    0x57 = Desert Palace Barriers
    0x58 = Crab
    0x59 = Lost Woods Bird
    0x5A = Lost Woods Squirrel
    0x5B = Spark (clockwise on convex)
    0x5C = Spark (counterclockwise on convex)
    0x5D = Roller (vertical moving)
    0x5E = Roller (vertical moving)
    0x5F = Roller (???)
    0x60 = Roller (horizontal moving)
    0x61 = Statue Sentry
    0x62 = Master Sword plus pendants and beams of light
    0x63 = Sand Lion Pit
    0x64 = Sand Lion
    0x65 = Shooting Gallery guy
    0x66 = Moving cannon ball shooters
    0x67 = Moving cannon ball shooters
    0x68 = Moving cannon ball shooters
    0x69 = Moving cannon ball shooters
    0x6A = Ball N' Chain Trooper
    0x6B = Cannon Ball Shooting Soldier (unused in original = WTF?)
    0x6C = Warp Vortex created by Magic Mirror
    0x6D = Rat / Bazu
    0x6E = Rope / Skullrope (aka Sukarurope?)
    0x6F = Bats / Also one eyed bats
    0x70 = Splitting Fireballs from Helmasaur King
    0x71 = Leever
    0x72 = Activator for the ponds (where you throw in items)
    0x73 = Link's Uncle / Sage / Barrier that opens in the sanctuary
    0x74 = Red Hat Boy who runs from you
    0x75 = Bottle Vendor
    0x76 = Princess Zelda
    0x77 = Also Fire Faeries (seems like a different variety)
    0x78 = Elder's Wife (Sahasrahlah's Wife, supposedly)
    0x79 = Good bee / normal bee
    0x7A = Agahnim
    0x7B = Agahnim energy blasts (not the duds)
    0x7C = Green Stalfos
    0x7D = 32*32 Pixel Yellow Spike Traps
    0x7E = Swinging Fireball Chains
    0x7F = Swinging Fireball Chains
    0x80 = Wandering Fireball Chains
    0x81 = Waterhoppers
    0x82 = Swirling Fire Faeries (Eastern Palace)
    0x83 = Greene Eyegore
    0x84 = Red Eyegore
    0x85 = Yellow Stalfos (drops to the ground, dislodges head)
    0x86 = Kodondo
    0x87 = Flames
    0x88 = Mothula
    0x89 = Mothula's beam
    0x8A = Moving Spike Block (Key holes? <-- why would I think this had anything to do with keys?)
    0x8B = Gibdo
    0x8C = Arghuss
    0x8D = Arghuss spawn
    0x8E = Chair Turtles you kill with hammers
    0x8F = Blobs / Crazy Blobs via Magic powder or Quake Medallion
    0x90 = Grabber things?
    0x91 = Stalfos Knight
    0x92 = Helmasaur King
    0x93 = Bungie / Red Orb? (according to HM)
    0x94 = Pirogusu (aka Swimmer) / Flying Tiles
    0x95 = Eye laser
    0x96 = Eye laser
    0x97 = Eye laser
    0x98 = Eye laser
    0x99 = Pengator
    0x9A = Kyameron
    0x9B = Wizzrobes
    0x9C = Black sperm looking things
    0x9D = Black sperm looking things
    0x9E = Ostrich seen with Flute Boy
    0x9F = Rabbit seen with Flute Boy
    0xA0 = Birds seen with Flute Boy
    0xA1 = Freezor
    0xA2 = Kholdstare
    0xA3 = Another part of Kholdstare
    0xA4 = Ice balls from above
    0xA5 = Blue Zazak / Fire Phlegm (Fireballs of Red Zazaks and other sprites)
    0xA6 = Red Zazak
    0xA7 = Red Stalfos Skeleton
    0xA8 = Bomber Flying Creatures from Darkworld
    0xA9 = Bomber Flying Creatures from Darkworld
    0xAA = Like Like (O_o yikes)
    0xAB = Maiden (as in, the maidens in the crystals after you beat a boss)
    0xAC = Apples
    0xAD = Old Man on the Mountain
    0xAE = Down Pipe
    0xAF = Up Pipe
    0xB0 = Right Pipe
    0xB1 = Left Pipe
    0xB2 = Good bee again? (Perhaps the good bee is different after being released.... It would make sense, actually)
    0xB3 = Hylian Inscription (near Desert Palace). Also near Master Sword
    0xB4 = Thief's chest (not the one that follows you, the one that you grab from the DW smithy house)
    0xB5 = Bomb Salesman (elephant looking guy)
    0xB6 = Kiki the monkey?
    0xB7 = Maiden that ends up following you in Thieves Town
    0xB8 = Monologue Testing Sprite (Debug Artifact)
    0xB9 = Feuding Friends on Death Mountain
    0xBA = Whirlpool
    0xBB = Salesman / chestgame guy / 300 rupee giver guy / Chest game thief
    0xBC = Drunk in the inn
    0xBD = Vitreous (the large eyeball)
    0xBE = Vitreous' smaller eyeballs
    0xBF = Aghanim / Vitreous' lightning blast
    0xC0 = Monster in Lake of Ill Omen / Quake Medallion
    0xC1 = Agahnim teleporting Zelda to dark world
    0xC2 = Boulders / Rocks from Lanmolas erupting from the ground
    0xC3 = Gibo (vulnerable part)
    0xC4 = Thief
    0xC5 = Evil Fireball Spitters (THE FACES!!!)
    0xC6 = Four Way Fireball Spitters (spit when you use your sword)
    0xC7 = Hokbok (HM calls it Fuzzy Stack, I think?)
    0xC8 = Big Healing Faeries / Faerie Dust
    0xC9 = Ganon's Firebat (HM also says Tektite?)
    0xCA = Chain Chomp
    0xCB = Trinexx
    0xCC = Another Part of Trinexx
    0xCD = Another Part of Trinexx (again)
    0xCE = Blind the Thief
    0xCF = Swamola (swamp worms from Swamp of Evil)
    0xD0 = Lynel (centaur like creature)
    0xD1 = Rabbit Beam aka Transform aka Yellow Hunter
    0xD2 = Flopping fish
    0xD3 = Animated Skulls Creatures
    0xD4 = Landmines
    0xD5 = Digging Game Proprietor
    0xD6 = Ganon! OMG
    0xD7 = Copy of Ganon, except invincible?
    0xD8 = Heart refill
    0xD9 = Green Rupee
    0xDA = Blue Rupee
    0xDB = Red Rupee
    0xDC = Bomb Refill (1)
    0xDD = Bomb Refill (4)
    0xDE = Bomb Refill (8)
    0xDF = Small Magic Refill
    0xE0 = Full Magic Refill
    0xE1 = Arrow Refill (5)
    0xE2 = Arrow Refill (10)
    0xE3 = Faerie
    0xE4 = Key
    0xE5 = Big Key
    0xE6 = Shield Pickup (Fighter or Red Shield after being dropped by a Pikit)
    0xE7 = Mushroom
    0xE8 = Fake Master Sword
    0xE9 = Magic Shop dude / His items, including the magic powder
    0xEA = Full Heart Container
    0xEB = Quarter Heart Container
    0xEC = Bushes
    0xED = Cane of Somaria Platform
    0xEE = Movable Mantle (in Hyrule Castle)
    0xEF = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used)
    0xF0 = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used)
    0xF1 = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used)
    0xF2 = Medallion Tablet

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Post Sat 7 Nov 2015 - 9:45 by Founder

At 06B39A in hex, change 19 into 17 and the blue soldiers will be red.

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Post Sat 7 Nov 2015 - 9:49 by Puzzledude

Rom must have no-header, now go to hex address
06B39A (is 06B359+41= blue soldier sprite value), and change the default value 19 to something else:

0F= dark blue
11= green
13= yellow
15= light blue
17= purple/red
19= default (current)
1B= light green
1D= gold
1F= orange (my picture)

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Post Sat 7 Nov 2015 - 10:35 by Puzzledude

Close the rom in Hyrule Magic and open the rom with the Hex editor and go to address 06B39A and change the byte 19 to 17. Here a screenshot, which I normally would not do:

Change global palette of a sprite Hex10

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Post Sat 7 Nov 2015 - 10:53 by Puzzledude

This is how to calculate blue soldier pal (based on Conn's instructions):

Change global palette of a sprite Bsol10
Change global palette of a sprite Bsol210

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Post Sat 7 Nov 2015 - 17:52 by Arnachy69

It works now Puzzledude,
Thanks the rom was in a wrong size whrite and headered
Shame on me haha
but has anyone
Color codes in hex format
only the first 2 digits i'll helpull for me
Thankx alot Guy's all of you...
It's very frustrated to make this but the work when its done is supprised Very Happy

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Post Sat 7 Nov 2015 - 19:52 by Conn

Now that this issue is finally resolved, I deleted most posts to keep this blog free from spam. I only left the valuable instructions if any other newbie has problems as well Smile

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Post Sat 7 Nov 2015 - 21:16 by Arnachy69

Thanks Conn you you to
When you get time and you will help me this week
with the Title menu screen i'm a happy man too
The Instructions of that one site is terrible to read for me than

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Post Wed 6 Apr 2016 - 13:07 by ShadowOne333

Thank you for this information!
It is incredibly helpful!

There are still some sprites I can't seem to find, one of those is the King of Hyrule (Credits) and the King of Hyrule from the opening scene (the skull face-like King)
I want to change the global palette for those two so that the King from the credits has a red robe (like WW).

Anyone knows how to change the global palette for those two?

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Post Wed 6 Apr 2016 - 13:55 by Puzzledude

The skull face king should have the same palettes as the sprite Agahnim. King of Hyrule (credits) is another thing, since this is a "puppet" sprite, not the actual sprite. So if he is not in the sprite list of HM, his pal is not in that sprite area in hex. He is either using pals from other sprites or the pal is at another (undocumented) location.

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