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Graphics from menu? Empty Graphics from menu?

Post by BlackStone187 Sat 14 Mar 2015 - 13:52

So I used zcompress to get a ALLGFX.bin but I cannot find the graphics from the menu. I want to change the pendant sprite in the collection tab since I am going to use medals instead of pendants. Anyone know where it's located? Thanks.

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Graphics from menu? Empty Re: Graphics from menu?

Post by Puzzledude Sat 14 Mar 2015 - 14:40

Open the .bin file with YY chr and put the encoding to 2BPP GB (since the Menu is 8bit and not 16 bit). Go to gfx address 6E000 (almost at the end of the file). You have empty pendant and full pendant in Menu there and the name "pendants".

Graphics from menu? Gfx1
this is not really a sprite, just a Menu drawing (direct 8bit gfx).

The rest of the 8bit menu is at 38800 (somewhere in the middle of the bin file).
Graphics from menu? Gfx2

But this is not all, you also need to change this, while having the 4BPP SNES enconding (16bit):
-pendant as a sprite when collected (at 68000)
-pendant as a sprite when pulling the master sword (at 54C00)
-pendant as a the icon on the map (at 3C400)

Graphics from menu? Image213

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