Room Counter Bugfix

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Room Counter Bugfix Empty Room Counter Bugfix

;This is a "bugfix". In case there are in-room staircases, the game sometimes does strange things to the room counter.
;It is possible, that you have in-room staircases and ledges in a room. When using the staircase, all is fine, but when
;falling down the ledge, the games adds 16 (0x10) to your room counter. This will lead to serious bugs when going
;through a door since in this case the wrong neighbour room is loaded.
;WRITTEN: by XaserLE
;THANKS TO: -MathOnNapkins' Zelda Doc's
; -wiiqwertyuiop for his Zelda Disassembly

header ; remove this if your rom has no header

ORG $01FF0F ; go to the code that causes the problem
BRA $05 ; insert a branch to hinder execution of this code


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