Final Fantasy V-Pixel Freemaster (MSU1+a ton of QOL,improvement, and bugfix hacks) By Nintenja

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Final Fantasy V-Pixel Freemaster (MSU1+a ton of QOL,improvement, and bugfix hacks) By Nintenja Empty Final Fantasy V-Pixel Freemaster (MSU1+a ton of QOL,improvement, and bugfix hacks) By Nintenja

To get right to playing v4.85 visit (And patch to a ffv (japan)rom.) It's that easy.
To see a video of gameplsy footage of this hack:

If you don't know what this project is, than it is my attempt at an ultimate version of FFV. I want this to be the definitive must play unofficial but better than the cash grab official release version of FFV. Included in this project is tons of different hacks and QOL features from many different authors..if it one of the easiest all in one patches you'll ever apply.

Project officially called Pixel Freemaster..tons of new QOL stuff. 14 new QOL features introduced since v3.0. Two versions exist..both with every included hack but the Kick Butz Edition has the All Jobs Unlocked Patch included as well.

====Update 4.85=====
In version 4.85 I made 2x abp,gil,xp an optional version for both Pixel Freemaster and Pixel Freemaster-Kick Butz Edition
due to a small almost unnoticable graphical bug it creates in the end of each battle right before the battle rewards screen that I'm finding difficult to fix right now. I would suggest playing the version with the 2x abp,gil,xp patch to grind extra levels, gil, and job classes, but than switch to the non-2x abp,gil,xp edition for regulargameplay. Saves should be compatible with both versions. But, if got don't care about the small and barely noticeable graphical bug than
I'd recommend just using the versions with the 2x abp,gil,and xp included.
*I also added in Super Custom classes by flamepurge to each version. Description is "A port of the basic features of Custom Classes by ludmeister to the SNES version of FFV.
Each of the Jobs can now use a wider range of equipment, and the majority are no longer forced to use !Fight and !Item. Should work with any version of the game."
Basically this let's you customize each job to your liking. A white and black mage for instance no longer has to have fight as a command anymore. Make sure if grinding or farming for levels, abp, or gil that yiu visit the in game config menu and set the cursor to memory to make sure the last command such as Fight is chosen each time automatically when its a characters turn in battle.
*Added FF5 Replace the Drag/Speed Spell with temporarily raise the caster's level by 7 patch and renamed it to "level"..Patch by Tzepish.

This is an all-in-one single .ips patch.
Patches used in Final Fantasy V-Pixel Freemaster include:
MSU1 patch by Conn v4
GBA translation v1.16 patch w/Inu bugfixes patch
Bartz Name Fix v1.0 patch+Bug Fix v1.0 patch
quick death v1.0 patch (?not sure if this is included)
Galuf hair fix patch
Sprite touchups v1.03 patch
auto learning patch+auto dash patchIn version.
Better item Menu v1.0 patch
auto find pits patch+auto map patch+auto passages patch
shop price changes v1.0 patch
treasure monster change v1.0 patch
better job equipment v2.1 patch
*Added in version 3:
Switch characters in battle using X button (ATB Switch)
L and R switches characters & screens in Menu
Increased menu scroll speed
Dash on world map field with B button
Display total number of item slots used in item menu
HP displayed changes color as HP percentage decreases
*Added in Version 4:
Equipment optimization
New game plus (press L+R on load saved game screen)
*Added in v4.33-v4.50
equip change (Automatically collects items that were removed due to equipment changes during battle)
equip change fix patch
Fixed cosmetic bug in configuration menu.
Added in v4.85
1. Made 2x abp,gil,xp an optional version for both Pixel Freemaster and Pixel Freemaster-Kick Butz Edition due to small graphical bug that has yet to be fixed.
2. Added Super Custom Classes by flamepurge into all versions.
3. Added replace drag spell with temporary level up 7 levels spell with level rename patch to assist in learning certain level specific blue magic spells.

Patches added in FFV-Pixel Freemaster-Kick Butz Edition
All patches and fixes listed above in Pixel Freemaster
+all Jobs unlocked v1.0 patch
*(note all Jobs unlocked doesn't go into effect until after you receive your first set of jobs in the story. Also Galuf's MIME job Sprite was never programmed into FFV game files-therefore when selecting MIME as Galuf's job he will be fully functional and usable, but invisible in the battle and menu)

1. Download patch v4.85 (7zip) from:
2. Choose version (all Jobs not unlocked or Kick Butz-all jobs unlocked)
3. Patch to unheadered Final Fantasy V (japan) rom
4. Use MSU1 files if you want to for Stereo Sound (optional)
Make sure to follow each rom hack author included in this work and thank them for their contribution if you get the chance.(see readme for credits)

I hope you find some good use out of this version and enjoy all the QOL improvements it provides. Best way to experience this is with MSU1 audio. I hear there's even a pixel remaster MSU1 Pack out there somewhere.

Thank you to all authors included in this work,amazingly all your individual patches each filled an important role in what to me is just the best way to experience this classic.

Alternatively follow T92 and his FFV-Tweaks romhack
Honestly T92 is an awesome hacker and I see his FFV Tweaks eventually exceeding this one bc of his skills of customization and porting are greater than mine. But I'll keep trying to make this version better and better anyways..I don't think we can have too many versions of this great game.

Also try out my other hack Mario Kart-Super Circuit-Freemastered v2.5 compilation actual collection of other patches that will probably be downloadable from RHDN before this one ever will sadly.

All patches listed are in one easy to patch .ips file:
1.HQ Music Restore v6.0 by "Run the Coins" permission to use received from author
2.N64 Voices(local voices v1.0) by "Emilianomario27"
3.Widescreen patch by "gamemasterplc"
4.Better Colors v1.1 by "N.Dpendent" permission to use received by author
5.Original Sunset Wilds title card & sprites by "SCD" permission to use received bybauthor
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