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The Legend of Zelda - God Mode 2366ti10
Latest version: 1.0
Original file to patch to: Alttp US rom, no header (CRC-32= 777AAC2F)

The God mode, Byrna hack is a collection of small hacks, which make you invincible or give you the Cane of Byrna.

The god mode has two features: if you get hit, your energy will not be reduced. But you can still be defeated if falling down the pits or if the hit is bigger than your current max health (sudden death). In such cases you will get the infinite automatic fairy. You thus can not die. To save the game you need to press select and choose save and quit. This hack was designed for very difficult hacks, mainly Parallel Worlds, to be able to play the game without constant dying (specially if you play the game on systems, which don't support special features like save states).

The byrna hack on the other hand will give you the cane of Byrna by default and the green magic auto-refill. The purpose of this hack is the same as with the god mode, it is just less powerful.

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