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Zelda 3 / AST Hero Mode Empty Zelda 3 / AST Hero Mode

Can't believe I haven't posted these here until now.

Author: ThatEntityGirl (Entity1037)
Information: These two hacks create the experience of “Hero Mode” from later Zelda games in A Link to the Past and Ancient Stone Tablets. This is especially nice for AST since that game is very easy.
Roms: Headerless US ALttP / Any AST version
Zelda 3 Hero Mode Download
AST Hero Mode Download

There are three versions of the hacks:
- "Hero Mode" has double damage and no heart drops akin to the Hero mode found in many Zelda games.
- "ALBW Hero Mode" has quadruple damage, but does have heart drops like in A Link Between Worlds.
- "Superhero Mode" has quadruple damage and no heart drops.

For AST each version has two patch files. Apply the one that says "Week_1_2" to the first and second week roms, and apply the one that says "Week_3_4" to the third and fourth week roms.

The downloads also include the "asm" for the hacks. It's basically just the enemy damage and drop tables for the games, which I thought someone might find useful.


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