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Post by Erockbrox Mon 6 Apr 2015 - 23:40

While the Quest for Calatia game has had many years of hard work put into it as of now it is currently stuck in the development process.

While one day it may indeed be completed, it is probably for the best that it is completed with a team despite Gamemakr's best efforts on trying to conquer most of the work by himself.

A team once existed which consisted of:

ASM: Sephiroth3, Reshaper256

Graphics/Sprite Artwork: JoshNoullet, darkprince909

Music: JILost, MikePouch

Dungeons: Erockbrox

Game: Gamemkr24

But, many of the members have moved on to other pursuits. So a new team would have to be formed.

As for the fate of Calatia, only time will tell. The game will need a team since without one the development time becomes unreasonable.

It would also be a shame for all of the past and current work on the game to go to waste so hopefully something positive happens with the game in the future.

In light of the situation, I'm sure the Calatia hack has stood as an inspiration for many Zelda 3 hackers here as it has been one of the longest Zelda 3 hacks ever in development. That being said, seeing it one day come to completion should be an enormous accomplishment that hopefully one day will come true.

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