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Dancing Mad 'Final' Beta (installer by Insidious611):

Original Thread/Installer:

Also, 100% compatible with the Ted Woolsey Uncensor/retranslation patch, and about 90% compatibility with the additional music player patch included with the Ted Woolsey patch (music player works, and even plays the MSU-1 audio, but introduces some audio glitches at various points).


The following patches are now included as optional components in the Installer, there's no need to download them separately:

Optional Cut Songs Restoration by Edale:!PJZg1IRb!kS3ECIgKhAkc-qHWkVGRAg
(apply this after running Dancing Mad's installer)
The Cut Songs Restoration mod seamlessly reintroduces 4 songs that were cut from FFVI in development, and later released in the FFVI Special Tracks Album, without removing any of the existing tracks. Mod created by edale, with help from Insidious661 and mziab.

Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition by Rodimus Primal

Optional FFVI Music Player by Madsiur!3UR0nShJ!6V6FlV9kgMGIztJ5oGjS8C1QoojhaOrxtdtqZzP5crM
This is the same as the Music Player included with the Ted Woolsey patch, but fixed to work properly with the MSU patch. Contains patches for both the normal Dancing Mad patch, and one that includes the extra songs from Edale's Cut Songs Restoration patch.


If using the MSU patch alongside the Brave New World patch, this PCM should be added to your PCM set:


As of Hotfix 4, The installer will apply the MSU-1 patch to any unmodded version of the game (US 1.0, 1.1, or JP), BUT it will only let you install the optional components on a US1.0 ROM. The Ted Woolsey patch isn't compatible with the 1.1 or JP ROMs; testing is still required to see if the other 2 optional mods are compatible with a 1.1 or JP ROM, but their installation has been disabled for now to be safe.


Update 3/16/2020: The fileserver mirrors have been changed, if you have an older version of the installer, please grab a new copy.

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Post Sun 1 Nov 2020 - 14:02 by Relikk

It's just sold out. The seller is in France, as well. Contact him and ask him when it's back in stock?

It'll work fine with the adapter, anyway.

Let's get back on to the topic of FF6, shall we? If you need technical help with your console you can open a new thread in General Discussion.

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Post Fri 11 Dec 2020 - 9:48 by Brutapode89

Alright! I got the adapter. It's working perfectly with an US SNES Very Happy

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Post Thu 28 Jan 2021 - 22:56 by Lennux

I'm trying to apply the patch and this error appears...

Final Fantasy VI (J) /  Final Fantasy III (US) - Page 5 Help_b10

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Post Fri 29 Jan 2021 - 7:49 by Conn

I think it is better to report this bug here:

Insidious is not often logged in here at zeldix.

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Post Fri 26 Mar 2021 - 14:40 by Brutapode89

Hi guys. Did you think we can add a FMV like this one for FF6 into MSU-1 on SNES?

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