Super Spongebob Kart

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Super Spongebob Kart

Post by PittStone on Mon 18 Sep 2017 - 1:43

I'm Ready, i'm Ready, i'm Ready...

Super Spongebob Kart
(In the Archive are the .pcm files plus Cover-Art)

A little complicated to Patch, but it Works! Breakdance

1.  Super Mario Kart (U) [!] with Header.

2.  Use "header remover wsb-sfcr2" to make a "Super Mario Kart (U) [!]_noheader"

3.  Use beat bps to make the MSU Version "Super Mario Kart (U) [!]_noheader-msu"

4.  Use "header remover wsb-sfcr2" and select "IPS Patch"and patch
      with the Super Spongebob Kart Patch
    Answere the Message "is for this patch a headerd Rom required?" with "YES"
      and save it to "Super Spongebob Kart -MSU-"

5.  Put the Game and additional files (.msu / .xml / .bml) in one Folder with the .pcm files.

6.  Have Fun!
Wish Fairy
Wish Fairy

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Re: Super Spongebob Kart

Post by Conn on Mon 18 Sep 2017 - 7:38

Nice, I added it here (since it is a derivate from qwerty's patch Wink )

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