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Create a bml file for higan Empty Create a bml file for higan

Post by Conn on Sat 1 Sep 2018 - 9:11

Higan bml isn't much supported anymore since snes9x, bsnes and sd2snes don't require an additional file (like xml) and are more user-friendly to use.
If a bml is missing in the patch set and you want to play in higan, here's a tutorial how to make it:

1. Files you need
- download Mercurial Magic:
- download earthbound patch:
- a text editor of your choice
- the msu patch files of your rom

2. Preparation
- patch your rom with the msu patch
- make a copy of the patched rom and rename it to program.rom
- make a copy of the msu file and rename it to msu1.rom
- make a new zip file ( or whatever - the name is later shown in the title when booting the rom, so you can also name it
- put both the program.rom and msu1.rom inside
- rename the file into bml.msu1
Here's the example how I do it with Mickey Magical quest:
I patched the rom file with mmq-msu1.bps and got the resulting mmq-msu1.sfc
I then copied it, and renamed it into program.rom
I copied mmq-msu1.msu and renamed the copy into msu1.rom
I made a new zip file and called it
I moved msu1.rom and program.rom into this
I renamed into bml.msu1:

Create a bml file for higan Image216

3. Mercurial Magic
- Launch Mercurial Magic
- select as "MSU-1 Pack path:" the bml.msu1 you created
- radio button: Game Pak and MOST IMPORTANT: hook "Export manifest"
- click export

Create a bml file for higan Image411

4. bml editing
In your game folder you have now a new folder "bml.sfc" with the manifest.bml inside. Open it with a text editor.
Also open the manifest.bml from Earthbound in a text editor (needs to be in another folder since the name is similar).

You have in the manifest a double entry since byuu changed policies. To make your manifest work with every higan version, you need to edit both entries parallel (entry that starts with cart region and entry that starts with board region)!

- rename rom name=msu1.rom in both entries into the name of the msu file (below picture shows only the first entry edited as intermediate screen capture, you also need to change the second to the name of your msu file):

Create a bml file for higan Image611

- copy and paste in both entries just below the rom name=msu1.rom all the tracks from earthbound (startting from track number=0 until 255):

Create a bml file for higan Image810

5. Take care

Take extremely care that there is no space or anything behind a track entry (test it by highlighting. A whitespace will result in a not-working bml. IT IS VERY STRICT!!!!!

Create a bml file for higan Image110
-> will not work (whitespace after pcm entry)

Create a bml file for higan Image112
-> will not work (multiple whitespaces)

- remove all these whitespaces (take earthbound as example if you are insecure)

6. final editing
- Select find & replace in your text editor, search for eb_msu1 and replace with the names of your pcm:s (replace all button):
Here's the example with mmq-msu1

Create a bml file for higan Image113

(the title at the very end of the manifest.bml is shown when you load the game in the bar. If you are unhappy that your name is bml, change the title to whatever you like (bml -> romname))
Create a bml file for higan Image217

7. Import in Higan
- import your patched rom in higan (e.g. mmq-msu1.sfc)
- go into the higan folder (e.g.  %USERPROFILE%\Emulation\Super Famicom\mmq-msu1.sfc in Windows Explorer)
- overwrite the existing manifest.bml with (until higan v0.95) or just copy (higan v0.96 and later) the manifest.bml that you now created
- also copy msu file into this folder (e.g. mmq-msu1.msu)
- copy all the PCM:s into this folder as well

Create a bml file for higan Image212

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