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Post by Damniel Tue 27 Apr 2021 - 15:08

Hello, we need a tutorial to make our own games with msu1 music step by step. For example, this Dragon Ball Z RPG from Super Nintendo, its original music is rubbish and needs a reform like the one seen in this video.


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Post by Conn Tue 27 Apr 2021 - 15:47

There is no general guide and no easy way... You need to know ASM.

1. You need to know how the CPU communicates with the APU. If you are lucky, then the tracks are indexed (like my latest Tales of Phantasia) and it is stored somehow to the APU ports $2140-2143. If you are unlucky it gets hellish complex with sound banks and overlapping indexes, or the values are in X, Y registers and you need to remap them.

2. Once you found out how the tracks are addressed, you need to mute the audio. There you can be lucky and you have a mute track you simply send to the APU, leaving SFX intact, or you are unlucky and need to know APU ASM (which is a bit different from CPU ASM) and make a hard mute there.

3. The rest is easy going, writing a track to 2004 and such. However there's always space for master art, like fading and so on.

In short, I can't help you with a tutorial for these reasons. I have no idea what was shit*ing in my brain beginning with Tales of Phantasia after co-laborated at maybe 120 MSU hacks. I'm retired and burnt out on this. If something is sh... Again in my brain I may do Shadowrun (Relikk requested this) or Ultima VI, a game of my youth.

Dragonball isn't at all on my radar unfortunately... Sad

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Post by JUD6MENT Wed 28 Apr 2021 - 0:40

Unfortunately this stuff is insanely complex if you are starting with no background knowledge to fall back on. I spent like 40 hours trying to figure it out once and did not even come close, still do not know what I am doing. If you do learn it though, there is plenty of ways I can assist you by making music tracks and playtesting the game. I wish you best of luck!

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Post by Cubear Sat 25 Dec 2021 - 3:56

While it is indeed not possible to tutorialize this start-to-finish in a way that works for every game, it is somewhat possible to write out a "getting started" primer, of sorts.

I'll see what I can do while starting on a third patch.

You're lucky enough in that all the addresses the SNES uses to communicate with the APU always the same between games, and setting up a good development environment will help you a lot, as well as knowing what the modern tools are and how to use them.

Learning enough SNES Assembly code to make it work was challenging though and absolutely took me a month or so of pretty concerted effort, coming from a very light background of coding many many years ago.

Anyways, I'll try to write up something sane in the coming months, but it'll only help you get started with rom hacking, it won't finish anything for you...  if you get stuck you might just have to ask for help.

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