Golden Axe II (MD+ & MSU-MD)

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Golden Axe II (MD+ & MSU-MD) Empty Golden Axe II (MD+ & MSU-MD)

- Patches -

Use MD+ for MegaSD, Mega Everdrive Pro & Genesis Plus GX
Use MSU-MD for MiSTer & X Series Everdrive w/ physical Sega CD unit

MD+ Patch:

MSU-MD Patch:

- Audio Pack -

Audio Pack* (by pepodmc):
*Compatible with both MSU-MD and MD+ patches

- MSU-MD Source -


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Golden Axe II (MD+ & MSU-MD) :: Comments


Post Mon 21 Jun 2021 - 14:03 by pev

@ToAll I went ahead and ported GA2 to MD+ since someone had some issues trying to run the MSU-MD version on MegaSD with Analogue MegaSG console (with latest jailbroken firmware). Adding the "SEGA MEGASD" header did not help him at all. Nor, MegaSD folder refreshing (by pressing START) or deleting the dircache.smd file.

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Post Wed 7 Jul 2021 - 16:25 by

Great Job from Pepillopev porting to MD+. Now it works and it is compatible with the color hack from Pyron too (
Ready for the weekend!

Thanks Pep! Very Happy

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