Turrican 4 hack MSU

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Turrican 4 hack MSU Empty Turrican 4 hack MSU

Turrican 4 hack MSU
Merged patch of PepilloPevs Rendering Ranger R2 MSU hack and BonusJZ Turrican 4 hack.
Sources used:
Turrican 4 hack v1.4:
Rendering Ranger R2 MSU v1.0b6:

Includes a set of Turrican 1+2+3 themed pcms I whipped together in Audacity.
Use the patch on this rom:
Name: Rendering Ranger R2 (Japan) (En).sfc
Size: 2097152
CRC32: 8fb5ac86

I've tested it with level codes and everything seems to be A-Okay, including ending themes which had to be cut to avoid abrupt ending in the first part.
One thing I did notice, even if pcm-13 is present it is still ignored and falls back to spc.
From Rendering Ranger R2 thread:
** PCM pack supplied is missing Stage Introduction Theme (falls back to SPC playback).
I left the pcm in anyway, just in case.


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Since : 2019-08-21

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Post Tue 5 Apr 2022 - 17:17 by VVV18

Thank you so much.
Great Work!!!

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