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August 15, 2022
Version 1.3: Moved my code to no longer require an expanded rom. should apply fine to translated or untranslated rom now. 
Changed resume point setting to be 24 bit addressed instead of 16 to hopefully increase compatibility with non-emulator platforms.

Patch v1.3 (by Cubear):
Apply after any english patch.
It should play nice with the base Japanese rom if that's what you like.

Koichi Sugiyama Symphonic Suite PCM pack (by Relikk):

Small packs with only a few replacements.
The only replacements are Victory, Improvement, Cursed, Special Item. 
For a more authentic DQ experience.
8-bit SFX PCM pack:

DQ11 rip SFX PCM pack



July 17, 2022 
Version 1.1:   Fixed Fairy Flute not setting restore point properly. 
                    Fixed Shrine calling resume point unintentionally.
July 18, 2022
Version 1.11: Fairy Flute no longer resets battle music.
Version 1.20: Rainbow Bridge cutscene extends to meet length of track
                    DQ2's inn cutscene extends to meet length of track
                    Running from battle now fades in overworld music.
                    Fixed an error with fade-in code: multiple fade ins after a ship battle in DQ2
August 11, 2022
Version 1.21: Added MSU1 chip detection.

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Dragon Quest I & II :: Comments


Post Mon 15 Aug 2022 - 12:18 by Cubear

Conn wrote:@cubear, that's really a big problem... Best is you attach a readme to each Rom, describing the patch order (e.g. you'd need to apply the translation patch first, on unheadered? Rom, crc or such). I hate documentation but this really helps avoiding confusion and those nasty false bug reports.You could also ease things and add a merged patch with crediting the translation authors or alike Smile

i think in the future for roms with translation patches i may just provide an IPS that has rom expansion in it, to the same amount as the translation patch. in my mind this will work...

Edit: I have been informed that this will in fact not work.

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Post Mon 15 Aug 2022 - 15:43 by Cubear

updated the first post with a new patch.

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Post Thu 15 Sep 2022 - 8:08 by FBBTJ

Beautiful ! Thanks a lot for that Dragon Quest I & II - Page 2 1f60d

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Post Sun 20 Aug 2023 - 11:51 by slappd

TruREALigion wrote:for DQ2, after battle victory jingle, overworld/dungeon/wherever repeats from beginning.

Tested on SNES with SD2SNES/FXPAK and MiSTerFPGA (MiSTer is probably a bad place to test).
Not sure following the thread if the latest patch was supposed to fix this, just wanted to respond in here to report that this is still kind of an issue on an FXPAK Pro.

Tested on the latest FXPAK OS (1.11.0) with the latest bug-fix translation (1.053rtm) and the latest MSU1 (v1.3) patched over it. JP ROM before patch is no-intro verified.

The music doesn't seem to resume all of them time, which is where the kind of comes from. In Dragon Quest 2, it seems like on some tracks (particularly world map and caves), if you get into a fight during the intro of the song (which seems to be before the general loop point of the song?), the track restarts every almost every time. It's almost 100% consistent with how often the encounter rate is.

If I wait a little bit for the track to get to the point of the song where it'll normally loop, however, resuming seems to continue just fine, most of the time. However, there are still some times where getting into a battle will cause the track to restart anyway, and I'm not sure why? I've also had very rare occasions where it won't restart during the intro part when a character levels up.

Tested on MiSTer, as well, but the patch is fully broken (restarting no matter what) due to general issues and with the implementation on MiSTer still.

Tested also on SNES9X 1.62.3 and at least in minimal testing couldn't get it to happen there. Music resumed fine every time.

Can't speak for Dragon Quest 1 other than that looping seemed perfect on my MiSTer when I played through aside from one cave, but again, MiSTer isn't really a reliable test-source right now. Mainly speaking for Dragon Quest 2 on FXPAK with the issues.

Thank you for your time and patch.

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Post Mon 21 Aug 2023 - 0:53 by Cubear

Unfortunately, I don't have real hardware to test upon..  if it works properly on emulator, then my debugging ability is pretty slim.  Sorry for the slightly worse experience that you are having!

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Post Mon 21 Aug 2023 - 16:09 by slappd

Oh, it's fine! Just wanted to report as I didn't see any additional notes after the original post about it. It is strange that it's kind of half working sometimes. I'll see if I can get time to do some more testing on emulation. The weird thing is when I started playing, it was working fine and only started having more issues the longer I played. If I can reliably get it to work in an emulator, I'll add more notes.

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