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So Here we go. I've been very busy but went ahead and got V.99 of Illusion of Gaia Pixel Freemaster available for testing right now. It needs testing and feedback. I've tested some of the game and it seems to be working well but I currently lack time to fully test this. Anyone who tests the game will be credited in each post and the faq for the game when it comes out with v1.0. This is really the beginning and if this Instructions are included below including the download link.

This version includes:
IOG Sprint Button v1.0 by c-dude
Apocalypse Gaia (True Final Boss) v1.0 by raeven0
MSU1 Audio Support (updated Sep/16/21 - native village fix) by Conn

*This version only works with MSU1 audio files. It is not compatible with vanilla audio and you will hear no sound without the MSU1 audio files.
Download v.99 patch here and patch to UNHEADERED illusion of gaia (USA) CRC32 1c3848c0
Download JUD6MENT MSU1 audio files from
Rename patched Illusion of Gaia rom to same name as MSU1 files and put in MSU1 audio files folder.
Play with SNES9X
Use xBRZ fillter for best look (load SNES9X current version in retroarch plus)

If this version works and becomes v1.0, than maybe a future version can include an improved translation as well amongst other improvements.

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