Changing the rocklops into mimics

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Changing the rocklops into mimics Empty Changing the rocklops into mimics

The game has four rooms where rocklops are turned into mimics by default; you can change the rooms they appear in by editing the following hex addresses:

$0F/4704: 0c (room 12)
$0F:4708: 1b (room 27)
$0F:470C: 4b (room 75)
$0F:4710: 6b (room 107)

Changing the rocklops into mimics Image212

Since : 2012-06-19

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Changing the rocklops into mimics :: Comments


Post Wed 12 Aug 2015 - 23:22 by SunGodPortal

Surely the related code must have a byte that signifies how many rooms there are or how long the list of rooms is? Seeing some of Erock's puzzles got me to thinking of how much I like these guys. I always thought they were some of the most fun to kill and it's a shame that there are so few of them. It's strange that the rocklops and mimics are tied together since they have completely different behaviour.

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Post Thu 13 Aug 2015 - 1:27 by Founder

I'll just leave this here:

Conn wrote:Here's the list:

$1E/C700 AD 8E 04    LDA $048E  [$06:048E]  
$1E/C703 C9 0C       CMP #$0C                
$1E/C705 F0 0C       BEQ $0C    
$1E/C707 C9 1B       CMP #$1B                
$1E/C709 F0 08       BEQ $08    [$C713]      
$1E/C70B C9 4B       CMP #$4B                
$1E/C70D F0 04       BEQ $04    [$C713]      
$1E/C70F C9 6B       CMP #$6B              
$1E/C711 D0 0D       BNE $0D    [$C720]      

So, only rooms 6b,4b,1b,0c have mimics, these are decimal rooms 107, 75, 27, 12, what matches your list Erock. Thanks Smile

You can edit these 4 room values to set the mimics into other rooms, but more than 4 seem to be not possible without some asm.
E.g., you want mimics in room 212, this is hex: d4.
In room dec12=hex0c are no mimics, so you set at
snes $1E/C703 = pc  $0F/4703: c9 0c -> c9 d4

This will make stone cyclops to mimics in room 212

erock wrote:This is just a question, but is it possible to have both Mimics and Rocklops existing in the same room in both of their different forms?

Could it be possible to separate this sprite into two different sprites so that Mimics could then be used anywhere?

Conn wrote:theoretically it is...
the sprite index (83 green, 84 red) is stored to 7e/0e20,x (x=specific sprite, 00-0f). The difference between rocklops and mimics is that the mimics also have a 01 stored at 7e/0da0,x.

Here's when I changed it to 00 in blue. However, this requires a lot of asm to point to the correct sprite. I'd stick to those 4 rooms, since it's really going to be complicated to code this for little outcome if you wanna change it.

Changing the rocklops into mimics Rocklo10

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