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Chrono Trigger


Description: Not only does this hack replace all of the in-game music with high quality orchestrated versions, it also supports all of the anime cutscenes from the PSX version.  Work is still ongoing to improve the video quality, as well as to fix any remaining bugs in the audio code, but a final release should be available eventually.

Audio Notes: This hack originally used the Chrono Trigger Symphony album by Blake Robinson.  This 3-part album is not free, but is available for purchase here.  Upon purchase, the FLAC files can be converted to MSU-1 .pcm files using this tool and this config file.  See the usage instructions provided below.

An alternative audio pack has been graciously provided for free by Youtube user Dracula9AntiChapel, and it can be downloaded here:


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Post on Mon 28 Aug 2017 - 19:49 by qwertymodo

Other MSU-1 Hacks

Author: DarkShock
Features: Music replacement only, no FMV's
Description: DarkShock's original MSU-1 audio hack for Chrono Trigger.  Mostly working with a few minor audio glitches here and there.

Author: Ramsis/smkdan
Features: Intro FMV only, no music replacement, no in-game FMV's
Description: smkdan's original FMV proof-of-concept hack for the MSU-1's predecessor, the 21FX.  Updated by Ramsis for the final MSU-1 design.

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Post on Mon 28 Aug 2017 - 20:00 by qwertymodo

Audio Instructions


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