Super Mario World MSU+

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Super Mario World MSU+

This patch is in contrast to Conn's hack compatible to most patches offered at SMW Central. Furthermore, Luigi has a different speech and the overworld has different themes.

Download (features new ow/sfx)

Download pcm:s by Colines and Kiddo Cabusses:
Preselected PCM Set
This is a selection of these packs merged:
- Kiddos Music Pack (!with! the 4 alternative music themes substituted!)
- OW Music
- SFX Set

You can use this set with the patch provided above!

For Development Purposes
The Development Purpose files allow you to select your own style:
- Kiddo -> Base Music Pack
 + Subfolder "Alternative Music" has 4 different renditions for
     e.g., the Title Screen and Forest Interlude music
- OW Music -> Extended OW songs
- SFX set -> Mario/Luigi voices

Also it includes the
- msu1 patch (features new ow/sfx)
- msu1-sa1 patch (features mew ow/sfx and supports sa1)

If there is a wish to disable either the Mario/Luigi speech or the OW Music feature, please refer to the ASM file for such. Do note that for changes to take effect, you need to assembler the file right into the ROM image with Alcaro's asar
!LuigiSFX = !True ; !True = Activate alternative SFX songs for Player 2, !False = No alternative SFX songs for both players
!OWMusic = !True ; !True = Activate OW Music patch by smkdan, !False = Deactivate multiple songs on Overworld

Coverart by Polargames:

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Super Mario World MSU+ :: Comments


Post on Thu 28 Dec 2017 - 19:10 by Conn

Lol, I can't hear a difference, but tested with a street fighter pcm (that rocks Razz ), and indeed theem 52 is played there. So all is good from my side and I can't confirm a bug then.

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Post on Thu 28 Dec 2017 - 19:17 by Colines

You may try to drag and drop the OW Music folder contents on top of the files again, to make sure you haven't done the other way around (having put Kiddo's on top of OW). =)

Remember, Chocolate Island starts with a guitar jam Wink

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Post on Thu 28 Dec 2017 - 20:55 by Conn

Ah, I compared with two savestates in the middle of the themes, the beginning is indeed different. And I tested on snes9x1.55, so all good from my side Very Happy

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Post on Thu 28 Dec 2017 - 21:45 by Colines

Phew, that's great news.

So darthvaderx, you must have done something wrong or your system is just weird.

Additionally, you might still be using an old patch version where the OW Music simple doesn't exist. If that's the case, do the following:

1. Download the zip archive from this section, extract its contents;
2. Inside it, there is a folder containing the patch, apply it to a clean unaltered .SFC smw rom image (it should be 512KiB in size) and save it at the same place, inside the folder;
3. Grab Conn's PCM pack and drop the files also inside the folder.

After that, just use an emulator of choice to load it.

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