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PCM Packs:
AboHiccups "Kurrono Fixed" Set

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Post on Sun 3 Nov 2019 - 23:07 by ABOhiccups

pepillopev wrote:@AboHiccups As requested, your PCM Pack is now hosted on my end.

@Conn Alongside Abo's set, I am now hosting Jorge's set on my end too. Please update your links at your convenience. Are there any differences between Abo's and Jorge's set? Should both still be on this page? Just asking. In your email, I understood as replace the original link but not really sure.
To answer your question. The main difference between Kurrono set and my set.

Kurrono set does not have loops. Most of the songs are not Jorge's. Game Over music was buggy and it will damage Headphone User's ears.

My Set adds loops on every track (requires loop), Most of the songs are replaced with Jorge's songs. Jorge's Simon Theme was replaced with a new version (2011-03) by Jorge himself, Game Over music was replaced with a much better one that does not damage Headphone User's ears, and the rest of the tracks from Kurrono set are still in this set (except Boss Battle 2 music was different) due to Jorge has not made these remix songs on his YouTube Channel.

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Post on Mon 4 Nov 2019 - 11:57 by pepillopev

@ABOhiccups Thanks for the clarification. After consulting with Conn, I have decided to remove Jorge's link and keep yours. I will leave Jorge's link still active but posted only in this comment:

This is just in case, any one, still wants it for posterity Wink

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