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MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Empty Re: MSU1 Cover Art

Post by JustinBailey Thu 6 Oct 2022 - 8:54

JUD6MENT wrote:Thank you JustinBailey, I updated it to the first post. I used your Super Metroid as the example, but I can change that to one of your other game covers if you desire.

Thank you Jud6ment! if you think that Super Metroid is a good choice, then it's ok with me, of course Wink

If anyone has a cover request, feel free to ask! Small Triforce

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MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Empty Re: MSU1 Cover Art

Post by Polargames Tue 8 Nov 2022 - 20:29

I wanted to inform everyone that I have cover art for the games that are for the nested project. It is located in the nest up folder.

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Image112

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MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Empty Covers SNES CD

Post by Roger_Carvalho Sat 17 Jun 2023 - 14:26

🎮I make my (covers) arts for .nsp shortcuts, templates to standardize games and consoles emulated on Switch, they are arts for several of my games and systems🎨

What I'm doing are the templates, the "skeleton of the covers" to standardize the emulated games and differentiate consoles, the arts I put the most interesting ones that I see in my opinion, I usually look for rare or Japanese arts... I created a standard template for each console, changing only the ART.

Each game is unique and deserves a cover that does justice to its legacy and the good times it provided, marking a time of happiness in each one's life, and now with an improved air of emulators it can continue to work magic in the lives of more people too⚖

All are free to use, share, edit, modify or if you want to create your own arts with my templates... I tried to give it a more professional look, (but remember that I'm a beginner). I'm from Brazil so sorry for the google translator english, hope you appreciate it.

General link other consoles: Covers geral outros consoles
Link Download High Quality SNES CD Covers: ⬇SNES CD HD⬇

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZv0IOVZB9isVcjr0dBAt7Cc3V9oVmNsMpjk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1024x1024&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZES6OVZaziQTdVJSqBkPVJ67MSlbHI3ffFV&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZYf6OVZvntX3W4L7xQiuouRJceQJRnS4jy7&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZhB6OVZ9509YDoFHwBCWl3IWotP98YgaUrk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZVQ6OVZLzSfpTFF3JhAvJT3i31A04PcwbSk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZdD6OVZTssEWOje435wUhch5I1v8f221Nhk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZg16OVZvulnCSR92lpU8HOVzdBLtQEi1qey&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ0e6OVZAa5DK3DzhYYLysQlwcOphhP9ySdk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZTe6OVZv4Mbw1XWL3fI9lC3Xd99LQ6vx7ay&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ4LIOVZppJdrxpijXkvSYgQcE9SE5VcnKu7&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ54IOVZhEpdUWqEnBYdLWVjFLz9KXwaATQy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZJ4IOVZL1k9hgtjN4RE8fcyG9G8mX1tDgi7&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZlb6OVZx7XJ8xQ2rvzAcxQuwKgTKbIGdJiy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZb4IOVZIpxODV4uEaui5kHEbXesVFQdBrdX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZu4IOVZYSyg3Ykr010Ts8pxK0fVwVwlWApy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZh8IOVZpjIdTt1bOHycIK7F3peQAQt39AxX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZj8IOVZWQt9DhcjxfjUxdrWIPN8FmPL4o7V&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZu8IOVZ2c2NlOPu8u8yd29pNxu3zVgdBLRk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ28IOVZwUMxq5vjviu2phsV8kHO4QJAVt2V&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZs8IOVZBbF5HFtjYw5XiP9HNKFzpmd5UMCX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZbQIOVZydjxjxaUOxpKcluASwoAO4pHe55k&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZhQIOVZMPCz1u4hl2pLi7aIAlfXXRMLy37V&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZgQIOVZVtlsWEUfRTb59RpcAusw6phnyvKy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZxQIOVZk5Fc7FYbPRzoJftIPiIhz78IwckX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZtQIOVZogIkCoSDm2Q7BDdeVXQzgFUi6fPX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZCYIOVZobOoKnY5e9Sjm153YWSW5Y6eEPry&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZxYIOVZULBTmEqksoYdK9bVC5kBYpqtK5Fy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZKYIOVZySrTFobwh1YyqzzrM3UPFFQA1oI7&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZqYIOVZsXbyF6tVS505SGVIhu6HH5QLN2Gk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZrYIOVZMHmsaeoJeBhHX4AfuFM4qHCrbLwy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZVmIOVZ0WrOokPPeeF3q7eYhn9vOyqhH2KV&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ7mIOVZUXEiQG8CKgFw5OzJVvWGjfRNUPCk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

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