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MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Empty Re: MSU1 Cover Art

Post by JustinBailey Thu 6 Oct 2022 - 8:54

JUD6MENT wrote:Thank you JustinBailey, I updated it to the first post. I used your Super Metroid as the example, but I can change that to one of your other game covers if you desire.

Thank you Jud6ment! if you think that Super Metroid is a good choice, then it's ok with me, of course Wink

If anyone has a cover request, feel free to ask! Small Triforce

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MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Empty Re: MSU1 Cover Art

Post by Polargames Tue 8 Nov 2022 - 20:29

I wanted to inform everyone that I have cover art for the games that are for the nested project. It is located in the nest up folder.

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Image112

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MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Empty Covers SNES CD

Post by Roger_Carvalho Sat 17 Jun 2023 - 14:26

🎮I make my (covers) arts for .nsp shortcuts, templates to standardize games and consoles emulated on Switch, they are arts for several of my games and systems🎨

What I'm doing are the templates, the "skeleton of the covers" to standardize the emulated games and differentiate consoles, the arts I put the most interesting ones that I see in my opinion, I usually look for rare or Japanese arts... I created a standard template for each console, changing only the ART.

Each game is unique and deserves a cover that does justice to its legacy and the good times it provided, marking a time of happiness in each one's life, and now with an improved air of emulators it can continue to work magic in the lives of more people too⚖

All are free to use, share, edit, modify or if you want to create your own arts with my templates... I tried to give it a more professional look, (but remember that I'm a beginner). I'm from Brazil so sorry for the google translator english, hope you appreciate it.

General link other consoles: Covers geral outros consoles
Link Download High Quality SNES CD Covers: ⬇SNES CD HD⬇

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZv0IOVZB9isVcjr0dBAt7Cc3V9oVmNsMpjk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1024x1024&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZES6OVZaziQTdVJSqBkPVJ67MSlbHI3ffFV&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZYf6OVZvntX3W4L7xQiuouRJceQJRnS4jy7&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZhB6OVZ9509YDoFHwBCWl3IWotP98YgaUrk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZVQ6OVZLzSfpTFF3JhAvJT3i31A04PcwbSk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZdD6OVZTssEWOje435wUhch5I1v8f221Nhk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZg16OVZvulnCSR92lpU8HOVzdBLtQEi1qey&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ0e6OVZAa5DK3DzhYYLysQlwcOphhP9ySdk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZTe6OVZv4Mbw1XWL3fI9lC3Xd99LQ6vx7ay&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ4LIOVZppJdrxpijXkvSYgQcE9SE5VcnKu7&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ54IOVZhEpdUWqEnBYdLWVjFLz9KXwaATQy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZJ4IOVZL1k9hgtjN4RE8fcyG9G8mX1tDgi7&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZlb6OVZx7XJ8xQ2rvzAcxQuwKgTKbIGdJiy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZb4IOVZIpxODV4uEaui5kHEbXesVFQdBrdX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZu4IOVZYSyg3Ykr010Ts8pxK0fVwVwlWApy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZh8IOVZpjIdTt1bOHycIK7F3peQAQt39AxX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZj8IOVZWQt9DhcjxfjUxdrWIPN8FmPL4o7V&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZu8IOVZ2c2NlOPu8u8yd29pNxu3zVgdBLRk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ28IOVZwUMxq5vjviu2phsV8kHO4QJAVt2V&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZs8IOVZBbF5HFtjYw5XiP9HNKFzpmd5UMCX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZbQIOVZydjxjxaUOxpKcluASwoAO4pHe55k&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZhQIOVZMPCz1u4hl2pLi7aIAlfXXRMLy37V&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZgQIOVZVtlsWEUfRTb59RpcAusw6phnyvKy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZxQIOVZk5Fc7FYbPRzoJftIPiIhz78IwckX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZtQIOVZogIkCoSDm2Q7BDdeVXQzgFUi6fPX&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZCYIOVZobOoKnY5e9Sjm153YWSW5Y6eEPry&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZxYIOVZULBTmEqksoYdK9bVC5kBYpqtK5Fy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZKYIOVZySrTFobwh1YyqzzrM3UPFFQA1oI7&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZqYIOVZsXbyF6tVS505SGVIhu6HH5QLN2Gk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZrYIOVZMHmsaeoJeBhHX4AfuFM4qHCrbLwy&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZVmIOVZ0WrOokPPeeF3q7eYhn9vOyqhH2KV&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Getpubthumb?code=XZ7mIOVZUXEiQG8CKgFw5OzJVvWGjfRNUPCk&linkpassword=undefined&size=1280x1280&crop=0&type=auto

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MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Empty Re: MSU1 Cover Art

Post by thunderbird32 Sun 7 Jan 2024 - 1:38

I've started making some covers of my own. I didn't like using MSU1 covers for games that were for Super Famicom, since the logo style matches the SNES logo design too much. It looks out of place for Super Famicom, IMHO. So, I've been working on a possible alternative cover style. In the end I had two basic ideas: 1. Use the official "Super Disc" logo, or 2. Create my own Super Disc logo specifically for this purpose. See below and tell me which you all prefer.

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Live_a10

MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Live_a12


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MSU1 Cover Art - Page 7 Empty Re: MSU1 Cover Art

Post by Diego Fri 19 Apr 2024 - 16:04

Amazing. this covers look great Blue4

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