Lufia II - Rise Of The Sinistrals

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Lufia II - Rise Of The Sinistrals - Page 3 Empty Lufia II - Rise Of The Sinistrals

- Patch -

Original, German, Spain, Merged Spekkio (v4.12) and Merged Frue versions (v4.0) (by Conn):

- PCM Pack -

SourJovis Arranged (by Relikk):

- Track Map (Incomplete) -

The game is far too long to post a video that represents the patch being used. Except for the intro, the gameplay is from a TAS with the soundtrack placed over the relevant parts of the game to give an idea of what the music sounds like. Hence the lack of SFX. If you want to hear the full soundtrack you can head over to SourJovis' YouTube channel and listen to this playlist.

Special thanks to emuandco for testing the patch during development.

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Post Tue 13 Apr 2021 - 13:54 by Conn

Wasn't much work, only 2 addresses differed from the german version Wink
However a common note I already brought up previously. I fully retrace rpg to be ported to mother tongue, however we provide more than 160 patches and it is impossible to port every patch to each pal version. So requests for jumpn runs, where nothing more needs to be understood than, "mario, please help me, bowser is sooo evil" will usually be rejected...

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Post Tue 13 Apr 2021 - 22:15 by muerteamou

I understand the great work you are doing here. I will try to help at least by leaving my feedback. Thank you so much for everything. I also understand that there are games that are not worth patching the PAL versions. Luckily in Spain we had the opportunity to play several rpgs translated into Spanish, it was a genre that did not usually reach Spain and less translated. Thank you so much for everything!

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Post Sun 30 May 2021 - 2:28 by Conn

Updated first post, thanks Very Happy

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