Worse Than Parallel Worlds

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Disclaimer: This hack is not responsible for any rage you or anyone experiences, save states are highly encouraged due to it's kaizo difficulty. If this causes pain (physically or mentally), this is on you for attempting this evil romhack.

This is the ALttP romhack that does its best to troll you, give you little mercy, and quick time reactions.

Here's some screenshots of it to show what you're getting into if you play this insane hack.
Worse Than Parallel Worlds - Page 2 Screen_Shot_2019-04-06_at_8.05.36_PM
Worse Than Parallel Worlds - Page 2 Screen_Shot_2019-04-06_at_8.05.07_PM
Worse Than Parallel Worlds - Page 2 Screen_Shot_2019-04-06_at_8.09.40_PM

Data of the rom you should apply the patch to:
Worse Than Parallel Worlds - Page 2 Screen_Shot_2019-04-06_at_8.31.03_PM

Download hack:

Worse Than Parallel Worlds - Page 2 Image213

Since : 2017-10-30

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Worse Than Parallel Worlds :: Comments


Post on Thu 2 May 2019 - 8:39 by Wolfcat

I am stuck at not being able to open the desert palace, and was able to get the first pendant, 3 bottles, but not the net, and some other items. I think I have checked everywhere else. I think some thief said to make sure I had to have permission to open the desert palace, but I checked all the people I could come into contact with, so I am stumped. I know the guy from twitch got further, but the video I wanted to view is not on twitch that was uploaded between videos on twitch he has up, LOL. I guess that's just how things go sometimes. Very Happy

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Post on Thu 2 May 2019 - 22:08 by Devan2002

Spoiler for DP Entrance:
You need to avoid loading the desert obstacles before going to it, don't even load them onscreen until you've entered from the bottom (the one that's typically on the top should be the only one that isn't moved), then proceed to either the left or right and then move up to move the obstacle, sometimes you won't be able to get far to the side and the obstacle will get on top of you requiring you to load a save state or save and quit.

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Post on Fri 3 May 2019 - 4:26 by Wolfcat

I was able to get into the Desert Palace but I have to start over and try and get here with more hearts.:
Many times I got stuck (on top inside) the object and couldn't get out. It didn't just happen, I had to try many many many many times.
Thank you for responding. I didn't know we could hide text for spoilers.

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