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A Link to the Past: Retold - Page 6 Alttp-Retold

Patch Download v.1.40

The patches need to be applied on ALTTP (US), no header. You need a UPS patcher.


I'm a few years late to the party. But here we go.

This is the result of 2 years of fiddling, tweaking, learning ASM and HEX, all to pull this off. I hope you enjoy.

This hack edits nearly every room(Visual edits mostly, layout stays the same), most dialogue, and many, many gameplay aspects of ALTTP.

Major changes:
-Any Dungeon, any order. You still need to get the three pendants first, but the order of the pendants, then later of the crystals, is 100% up to you.
-Items are no longer inside their respective dungeons. You will now have to explore, talk to NPCs, and venture off the beaten path to find items. (Think about how you find the Icerod)
-The combat difficulty has been increased. Significantly.
-Several shortcuts have been added to the overworld. (Like in A Link Between Worlds)
-Dialogue has been re-written while keeping the same overall messages in tack.
-Almost every single room has been visually redesigned with added detail.(Layouts are mostly the same) Just look at Link's house or Hyrule castle and you'll know what I mean.
-New sprites have been added while keeping to the original style. Nothing should stand out too much.
-Magic now regens, but it’s incredibly slow. This cuts down on frustration, but doesn’t make magical items fully OP.
-Pits no longer hurt you. This hack is intended to be played on mobile. Bad touch-screen controls should not be the reason you get a game over.

Also contains:
- Make Silver Arrows Double Fast By Conn
- The Legend of Zelda - DX By Puzzledude
- 24 Item Menu By Conn and Euclid
- Original sprites by Euclid, heavily modified by Kyim
- Original ALTTP bug fixes By MathOnNapkins and Conn
- Random and Special Treasure Dig Up By Conn
- Direction Change while running with Pegasus Boots By Conn/AST Team ^_^

Detailed Description:

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Post Tue 6 Sep 2022 - 21:12 by skater43

Believe I've found a softlock/way to make the Swamp Palace unbeatable. Because I had the hookshot going in, I grabbed the small key in the main room to the right of the big chest. Used that key on the door in the upper left corner of that room. Used the lever to raise the water level before getting the key under the skull in that room. And that's where I'm stuck. Near as I can tell, there's no way to lower the water level, so no way to get that key. All other keys in the dungeon have been used to this point, so I don't have a means of opening the door above the big chest. I missing something to get that key, or am I going to have to restart (because of course I've already saved)? Earlier post suggested a warning to players about needing the hookshot, and that's not a bad idea, but warning them to grab the two skull keys before flooding their respective rooms would be more beneficial.

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Post Thu 22 Sep 2022 - 15:00 by Kyim

skater43 wrote:Believe I've found a softlock----

I've moved the key to the room just south under a skull jar accessible via the newly raised water! Good find! Very Happy

Will update the DL when things are more stable!

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Post Sat 24 Sep 2022 - 17:07 by skater43

Glad I could help. Smile Started the game up again and was able to finish it this time without any trouble. Because of item usage/acquisition in the Dark World, it looks like Swamp Palace is the only one where that might be an issue. Now, my first game, I think I managed to lock myself out of getting the big chest in Palace of Darkness because of already having the hammer/using keys where not expected. But I was still able to finish things. And, as it turns out, that chest just has a heart piece and I ended my second game with an extra piece, so that's not a big deal.

Overall, a pretty good hack. It certainly set out to accomplish it's primary goal of making the game more open. After beating PoD, I basically had every heart piece and every weapon and could go/do most anything. I did get stuck on the fire rod, though and eventually had to look it up. Saw a hint that it was in Death Mountain, but just wasn't finding it, so looked up the exact location. Well hidden, but not too obscure; I just wasn't looking in the right spot. That kept me from beating palaces 3, 5, and 7 until the end, but once I got it, I finished things up fairly quickly/easily. In game hint that it's in Death Mountain would be nice, but don't think it needs a more explicit hint. Think I found all the other items without the in game hints, just by poking around (playing rando helped with that and knowing where some of the more obscure chests are/ones you wouldn't necessarily go for in the vanilla game).

I didn't like the increased difficulty, though. I felt the enemies hit a little too hard (Trinexx did what, 9? 10? hearts of damage with the green tunic. Went there right after finally finding the fire rod since I was in the area already). Now, part of that may just be my lack of skill and insisting on trying to play like the original (I did bust out the Bryan cane in a couple of spots and the boomerang/hookshot did get a little more use than usual in stunning enemies). But I did beat Ganon's Tower in one go and only had to do Ganon twice because I fell the first time, so maybe I'm complaining for nothing. Smile

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Post Mon 26 Sep 2022 - 12:13 by Kyim

skater43 wrote:Glad I could help. Smile ---

Thats quite the review! Thank you! For the next update, I've updated the warnings in a few dungeons and moved around some keys to help with the softlcoks. As for the difficulty, players really shouldn't be getting hit at all, easier said than done, I know, haha. You have access to 3 screen nukes in the medallions and both the blue cane and the cape that make you untouchable. The increased damage taken is to encourage the player to use those items and find ways to cheat the system. Get crafty and you'll feel like a champ! Smile

Hopefully I can find where those extra heart pieces are. Embarassed

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