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(SPC placeholder)

MSU1 Patch v8:

First Departure (PSP) OST by Motoi Sakuraba PCM Set by RedScorpion:

First Departure R (Remake Switch/PS4) PCM Set by RedScorpion (-18 db fixed by darthvaderx):
-18db fix:

2 alternative PCM:s by by D2DEZEL (Motoi Sakuraba Star Ocean First Departure):
(replace these 2 with the ones from Red's pack)

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Post Wed 4 Jan 2023 - 13:49 by shadowAOD

Doesn't seem to be working with me Sad

Reapplied the patch to the SFC rom multiple times and nothing
boots up fine but just plays the snes music

using snes 1.61, didn't have this problem with the other games

update - okay it does work but it uses abit of snes and the rest is psp music?
but all in all thanks a bunch for the work you put into this patch Very Happy

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