The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Islands

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Patch download (v2.5, final):
The patch needs to be applied on ALTTP (US), no header. You need a UPS patcher.

A Link to the Islands MSU-1 soundpack

ROM information:
Name: Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [!]
Size: 1,048,576 bytes
Checksum: CRC32 777AAC2F

Update 1/20/2021: I'm getting lots of complaints from YouTube viewers saying "they can't find the small key in Hyrule Castle." You have to kill all the green soldiers, bomb soldiers, and cannon soldiers to get both chests to appear, one of which contains a small key. I even updated the readme Word document to include this hint.

Update 1/31/2021: An improperly staircase in the Ice Palace has now been fixed. Going upstairs from B6 to B5 would actually take you to Ganon's room. Special thanks to FunkieCluckie for the heads up.

A Link to the Islands is a Wind Waker-inspired hack of A Link to the Past. It was originally called Lyra Islands and developed by SePH in 2004-2005, but it wasn't finished. In 2015, I took over the Lyra Islands project with the goal of finishing the game one day. I ended up making completely new overworlds and dungeons in addition to restoring the original LTTP graphics and renaming the game A Link to the Islands.

Expect to see:
  • New overworld designs and maps.
  • New Dark World design (Areas 43, 45, & 47 ONLY!).
  • Hyrule Castle re-located.
  • Kakariko Town re-located.
  • New Lost Woods-style puzzle.
  • Eight new dungeons and one mini-dungeon.
  • Ganon gets his own tower in the Dark World.
  • New monologue and in-game clues.
  • New sprites.
  • MSU-1 support.
  • ASM hacks added.
  • New ending cutscenes.
  • Customized ending credits.

A few irreparable problems that popped up during development are documented in the readme included in the zip file. These problems do not affect gameplay and the game can be completed normally.

Unlike Parallel Worlds and Goddess of Wisdom, both of which are notorious for their unforgiving difficulty levels, A Link to the Islands is a game that's fair to everyone. There are no super tricks, stunts, or logic (i.e. masked objects, bomb jumping), while still having a decent level of difficulty. Though, some backtracking may be required at times. Still, you won't ever have to use save states. You will not be frustrated while playing.

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Post Tue 24 Aug 2021 - 11:41 by sinistra

Lewson88 wrote:Hey ppl I just joined I don’t know how to do all this stuff yet so I’m playing this game on an actual SNES and I LOVE this Hack it’s fantastic and fresh and I just have one question though, why can’t I fall or jump into the well in kakariko village even after I get the hammer I just jump over it when I knock the stumps down, am I missing something? Or is there nothing there? Or nothing important anyways? I hope so as I have version 2.4 aswell which I believe has the glitch in the ice palace that leads to Ganon?? How do I avoid that??? Thanks so much ppl I love your work and need your patreon info to find your projects a bit as I enjoy them so much. Especially in this lockdown we’re in.


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