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Download Puzzledude's UPS patch hack pack from the Cloud:

ORIGINAL ROM to patch to

Zelda A Link to the Past, SNES, US version,
size: 1.024 KB, NO header, CRC32(ROM-hash-id)= 777AAC2F

Do NOT patch to other Roms, like EU, JP, or 1.025 KB roms (with header), nor the GBA port rom. In this case the UPS patcher will inform you that the process failed.

Patcher is included in the pack, you must get the rom yourself. Once you have the original rom, choose a hack to play. Select Apply patch to existing file. Under "patch to apply" select the UPS patch of the hack, under "target file" select the original rom. Then press apply patch. Your original rom has changed into the hack, thus rename it to the name of the hack.


1. Main complete hacks (recommended!):
-Parallel Worlds v1-23
-Goddess of Wisdom
-Gerudo Exile
-Hylian Legacy
-Conker's High Rule Tail
-Conker's Milk utopia

2. Fun hacks:
-Oracle of Secrets Beta
-Secrets of the Past
-A Link to the Proto
-A Link to the Islands
-Bruce Campbell vs Ganon

3. Unconventional strategy hacks:
-IQ Remodel
-IQ Revenge of the Einstein (IQ ROTE)
-Puzzle of Life (POL)

4. Kaizo hacks (extremely difficult):
-Kaizo Randomizer by Christos
-Kaizo Troll hack Worse then PW

5. Minor hacks:
-Minor hacks means the game plays mostly the same as the original ALTTP,
-the same with Sprite hacks, those change the main sprite and/or other GFX/HUD/Menu,
-the same with Master quest hacks.
These hacks are marked: Master quest, Minor edit and Sprite hack infront of the actual hack name.

6. MSU (CD quality audio) hacks:
Hacks tagged with MSU infront support the MSU music, which is CD quality audio music (you need to download additional pcm music sets and have an MSU supported emulator and rename everything correctly and then load the rom from that one folder, one game per folder in this case). Note: Conker and Milk Utopia are MSU if you have the PCM audio pack or native sound if you don't have the PCM audio pack. They are thus not specially marked with MSU, since they are both (MSU and not MSU) by default.

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