Original ALTTP bug fixes

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Original ALTTP bug fixes Empty Original ALTTP bug fixes

Information: This is a hack collection to fix some bugs occuring in the native Zelda
Rom: ALTTP (US), without header

Original ALTTP bug fixes Kholds11

Ips Patch:   http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/stuff/Con/native_zelda_fixes.zip

This is a hack collection that fixes some bugs encountered in native Zelda:

Kholdstare_shell.ips (by MathOnNapkins):
Additional info: The fade is supposed to occur when the shell is defeated and is meant to simulate melting, probably.
It changes 4 bytes only so that the correct palettes are loaded:
1.) at 6C59, 80 --> A0
2.) at 6C5D, 80 --> A0
code is, BF 80 C3 7E 9F 80 C5 7E
new code, BF A0 C3 7E 9F A0 C5 7E
3.) at 6CBC, 80 --> A0
4.) at 6CBF, 90 --> B0
code is, A2 80 00 A9 90 00 4C 98
new code, A2 A0 00 A9 B0 00 4C 98
-Original code: the ice from cold stare disappears in an instant.
-New code: the ice disappears slowly. (Amazing what 4 bytes can do)..

bunny_glove_fix.ips (by Conn)
This fixes the glove palette when wearing ingame reseting to skin color -
it happens in native Zelda when:
* opening the overworld map
* opening the dungeon map (makes the glove palette to disappear from the moment you visit another room in the dungeon)
* being electrocuted
* using Ether
* being hit by a rabbit beam

mothula_l4.ips (by Conn)
This patch fixes that the boss Mothula is immune against the Golden Sword and the spin attack from the Tempered Sword.

death_counter.ips  (by Conn)
This patch prevents that it is counted as death when
- pressing select -> Save&Quit
- dying and choose "Don't save and continue"
Dying and choosing "Save and Continue" as well as "Save and Quit" still count as death of course!

shield_fix.ips  (by Conn)
If a shield is stolen by a Pikit (that pumpkin monster with the long tongue e.g., in front of ice dungeon) and you use the ether, get the L2 shield back, your shield will have a blue palette.
This patch restores the normal gold-red palette

cane_somaria_fix.ips (by Conn)
disables frequent use of cane somaria that causes bugs

cape_fix.ips (by Conn)
disables grabbing with magic cape and thus having no magic drain when pulling a statue

flickering_fix.ips (by Conn)
fixes the flickering that appears sometimes in the start or select menu

whirlfix_fix.ips (by Conn)
fixes the Music restart when using the Whirlpool after visiting the map

chime_teleport_nativeONLY.ips (by Conn)
As the name tells, use this hack only on NATIVE ALTTP. If you lift the teleport in Lake Hylia to access the ice dungeon you hear no chime. The reason is that the cave in the bottom-left corner is bombed open.
This patch lets you hear a chime everytime you lift the stone (as you hear it for other teleports).

cane_fix.ips (by Conn)
when having a trap door switch in a dungeon room with exit, and you use the cane somaria to keep the door open and
leave the dungeon, the game breaks (e.g., skull wood dungeon, big key entrance).

moldrum_bounce_sfx.ips (by Conn)
originally it was thought to hear a bounce back sfx when hitting Moldrum's head. The malcode by Nintendo
can cause noise in hacks, so better apply it

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Original ALTTP bug fixes Image212

Since : 2013-06-30

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Original ALTTP bug fixes :: Comments


Post Tue 21 Oct 2014 - 12:43 by Conn


flickering_fix.ips (by Conn)
fixes the flickering that appears sometimes in the start or select menu

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Post Mon 7 Nov 2016 - 12:47 by lilpuddy31

Hey Conn, I just ran into a small problem with your bug fixes for ALTTP. I am running the USA version of the game, with all 11 of your fixes applied to it (BTW, this page lists 10 patches but there are 11 in the download). There is a small 2-room cave to the south west of Lake Hylia. 1st room has a few enemies in it that you must defeat to open the door to the 2nd room, which has a thief in it and 4 treasure chests.

Now, when you enter the cave and exit before opening the door, all is well.

But if you exit the cave when the door has been opened, the game freezes up.

I'm not sure which patch or which combination of patches is causing the problem though.

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Post Mon 7 Nov 2016 - 15:27 by Conn

Thanks for reporting. This was a problem with cane_fix (the unlisted patch, added it above, don't mix up with cape_fix.ips).

Redownload the archive and reapply cane_fix.ips, then this bug should be history.

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Post Tue 4 Jul 2017 - 20:49 by Conn

I do not know whether this is of common interest, but Erock discovered a sound bug with Moldrum.

When bouncing back you should here this sound:
cheat with 7e012f-32 to hear it (bouncing back when hit his head).

Since this was somehow malcoded by Nintendo, you do not hear it, and in hacks (like Conker) it can for unknown reason cause a noise.

03/735d: A1 -> 8A
0e/d7b9: A1 -> 8A

I added the code also to the ips archive in the first post.

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