Parallel Worlds ~ some asm hacks

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Parallel Worlds ~ some asm hacks Empty Parallel Worlds ~ some asm hacks

Here's a list of mini-hacks for PW you may or may not be even aware of. I also have the ganon hack but the notes are too much of a mess to post here.

Note for all assembly addresses, open up lunar address select lorom and put it on the left

No sword beam unless lvl 4 sword:

$07/9C8A C9 02       CMP #$02
change to
$07/9C8A C9 02       CMP #$04

4th sword = master sword to pull out

hex changes
$09/87C8 C0 01       CPY #$01
to CPY #03
$09/8884 -> CMP #$03

intro rooms

02C8F9 - zelda prison.
02C8FD (14AFD) - agahnim casting spells room.


$07/F498 - change from SEC to CLC (0x18)

$0D/DD99 A9 11       LDA #$11
$0D/DD9B 8D 2F 01    STA $012F

$12F is the sfx
Change all above bytes to NOP (EA)

sprites under bushes

0x301F4 - 0x30208

Y  val effect
01 D9  1 rupee/heart
02 3E  rock crab
03 79  Bee
04 D9  1 rupee/heart
05 DC  bomb (item)
06 D8  heart (again?)
07 DA  5 rupees
08 E4  key?
09 E1  Arrow (item)
0A DC  bomb (item)
0B D8  heart (again?)
0C DF  Magic (small)
0D E0  big Magic (gee, must be darn rare)
0E 0B  Chicken (gee must be darn rare)
0F 42  Green soldier
10 D3  Alive rock (dark world only)
11 41  Blue soldier
12 D4  ground bomb
13 D9  1 rupee/heart
14 E3  Fairy (must be darn rare)

PS: item DB is 20 rupees.


Sorry this one's full of asm! Note the item numbers (for the LDA instructions) are the same as the item numbers in HM's chests.

$06/C8C6 to $06/C948

$06/C8C6 FE 80 0D    INC $0D80,x[$00:0D80]  
$06/C8C9 AF CA F3 7E LDA $7EF3CA[$7E:F3CA]  
$06/C8CD D0 35       BNE $35    [$C904]    

$06/C8CF BD C0 0D    LDA $0DC0,x[$00:0DC0]  

$06/C8D2 C9 0C       CMP #$0C               ; CHECK boomerang
$06/C8D4 D0 0C       BNE $0C    [$C8E2]    
$06/C8D6 A9 2A       LDA #$2A               ; GIVE red boomerang
$06/C8D8 9D C0 0D    STA $0DC0,x[$00:0DC0]  
$06/C8DB A9 01       LDA #$01               ; MSG 142 + lda number
$06/C8DD 9D B0 0E    STA $0EB0,x[$00:0EB0]  
$06/C8E0 80 5E       BRA $5E    [$C940]    

$06/C8E2 C9 04       CMP #$04               ; CHECK regular Shield
$06/C8E4 D0 0C       BNE $0C    [$C8F2]    
$06/C8E6 A9 05       LDA #$05               ; GIVE red shield
$06/C8E8 9D C0 0D    STA $0DC0,x[$00:0DC0]  
$06/C8EB A9 02       LDA #$02              
$06/C8ED 9D B0 0E    STA $0EB0,x[$00:0EB0]  
$06/C8F0 80 4E       BRA $4E    [$C940]    

$06/C8F2 C9 16       CMP #$16               ; CHECK bottle
$06/C8F4 D0 0C       BNE $0C    [$C902]    
$06/C8F6 A9 2D       LDA #$2D               ; GIVE magic potion
$06/C8F8 9D C0 0D    STA $0DC0,x[$00:0DC0]  
$06/C8FB A9 03       LDA #$03              
$06/C8FD 9D B0 0E    STA $0EB0,x[$00:0EB0]  
$06/C900 80 3E       BRA $3E    [$C940]    

$06/C902 80 45       BRA $45    [$C949]     ; not useful?

$06/C904 BD C0 0D    LDA $0DC0,x[$00:0DC0]  
$06/C907 C9 3A       CMP #$3A               ; CHECK bow and arrows
$06/C909 D0 13       BNE $13    [$C91E]    
$06/C90B A9 3B       LDA #$3B               ; GIVE silver bow and arrows
$06/C90D 9D C0 0D    STA $0DC0,x[$00:0DC0]  
$06/C910 A9 04       LDA #$04              
$06/C912 9D B0 0E    STA $0EB0,x[$00:0EB0]  
$06/C915 A9 4F       LDA #$4F              
$06/C917 A0 01       LDY #$01              
$06/C919 22 19 E2 05 JSL $05E219[$05:E219]  ; message 14F
$06/C91D 60          RTS                    

$06/C91E C9 02       CMP #$02               ; CHECK sword 3
$06/C920 D0 0C       BNE $0C    [$C92E]    
$06/C922 A9 03       LDA #$03               ; GIVE sword 4
$06/C924 9D C0 0D    STA $0DC0,x[$00:0DC0]  
$06/C927 A9 05       LDA #$05              
$06/C929 9D B0 0E    STA $0EB0,x[$00:0EB0]  
$06/C92C 80 12       BRA $12    [$C940]    

$06/C92E C9 16       CMP #$16               ; CHECK bottle
$06/C930 D0 0C       BNE $0C    [$C93E]    
$06/C932 A9 2B       LDA #$2B               ; GIVE magic potion
$06/C934 9D C0 0D    STA $0DC0,x[$00:0DC0]  
$06/C937 A9 03       LDA #$03              
$06/C939 9D B0 0E    STA $0EB0,x[$00:0EB0]  
$06/C93C 80 02       BRA $02    [$C940]    

$06/C93E 80 09       BRA $09    [$C949]     ; not useful?

$06/C940 A9 8C       LDA #$8C              
$06/C942 A0 00       LDY #$00               ; message 8C (generic "good" item message)
$06/C944 22 19 E2 05 JSL $05E219[$05:E219]  
$06/C948 60          RTS                    

remove warp thing after using mirror

Prevent the STA 7B from happening via NOPing it.
$07/A97E A5 8A       LDA $8A    [$00:008A]   A:0209 X:0026 Y:0013 P:eNvMXdizc
$07/A980 29 40       AND #$40                A:0244 X:0026 Y:0013 P:envMXdizc
$07/A982 85 7B       STA $7B    [$00:007B]   A:0240 X:0026 Y:0013 P:envMXdizc
$07/A984 F0 14       BEQ $14    [$A99A]      A:0240 X:0026 Y:0013 P:envMXdizc

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Since : 2012-06-21

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Parallel Worlds ~ some asm hacks :: Comments


Post Tue 19 Feb 2013 - 13:09 by Founder

I was unaware of the first two hacks! The sprites under bush code will be mostly useful! I've just checked and under my current bushes, there's random soldiers appearing all glitched up... maybe because the soldiers sprite sets aren't used everywhere. I'm assuming I could probably have any type of sprites to appear under the bushes?

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Post Wed 20 Feb 2013 - 7:18 by Euclid

yeah you can pretty much use any sprite, but i wouldn't recommend something which the graphics may glitch up though. In Pw i replaced the soldiers with 20 rupees.

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Post Wed 1 May 2013 - 1:27 by Founder

0x301F4 - 0x30208

Y val effect
01 D9 1 rupee/heart
02 3E rock crab
03 79 Bee
04 D9 1 rupee/heart
05 DC bomb (item)
06 D8 heart (again?)
07 DA 5 rupees
08 E4 key?
09 E1 Arrow (item)
0A DC bomb (item)
0B D8 heart (again?)
0C DF Magic (small)
0D E0 big Magic (gee, must be darn rare)
0E 0B Chicken (gee must be darn rare)
0F 42 Green soldier
10 D3 Alive rock (dark world only)
11 41 Blue soldier
12 D4 ground bomb
13 D9 1 rupee/heart
14 E3 Fairy (must be darn rare)

PS: item DB is 20 rupees.
I've played with the sprites values a bit... it is interesting to note that you can place random bosses under bushes! e.g. A wild Agahnim has appearred!

Also.. if you place the master sword under a bush, it will appear after a while! In fact pretty much all the sprites from the sprites encyclopedia of the guide work!

Of course there gfx are screwed up because not all areas use their graphics.. but since I won't use bushes in my overworld, but I might use them in my master sword area.. or should I rather say my light saber secret temple Razz and bushes in this case might be something totally different.

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