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Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Page 13 Empty Street Fighter Alpha 2

- Patch -

Patch (by gizaha - v.21/Oct/2022*):
*Changelog is at the bottom of this post

- PCM Packs -

CPS2 Arcade Pack (by Relikk):

Arranged Pack (by Relikk):

Alpha 1 CPS2 Arcade & Arranged Character Remixes Pack (by Relikk):

Original SPC Soundtrack Pack (by Relikk):

Alpha 3 Pack (by Cyber_Yagami):

- Track Map -


- Changelog -

- Fixed a bug with MSU data file

- Fixed a bug where the game would freeze after the announcer says "FIGHT!" when facing Zangief as an opponent

- Now both "Z" sequences have all frames

- Fixed black screen crash after some fights
- Added Shin Akuma ranking portrait
- Added Shin Akuma lose portrait at continue/game over screen

- Implemented optimisations from Min
- Simplified Shin Akuma selection code (removed the P2 "L,X,Y + Start" check at title screen)

- Fixed Raging Demon while "Round X"
- Charlie Nash stage plane physics (code taken from arcade)
- Vs. screen fade mimics arcade
- Fixed hang on double KO

- Sound glitch before announcer says "Round 1" fixed
- When Sagat throws Dan's father, now Dan's father has gravity instead of going all the way up

- KO circle more frames
- Z phase 2 more frames
- All data from moveset, hitboxes and AI are transferred uncompressed to MSU file
for faster loading before Z phase 2
- Very good speed tweaks, 13 vlines at double frames
- Stop walking at KO (based on arcade rules)
- Shadow palette before intro taunt, not during "fight"
- RNG code taken from arcade

- Fixed win pose sound

- Sodom stage Japan artwork (Guy and Birdie are bigger and doesn't fit)
- Before stage select green scrolling bg doesn't stop
- Reorder KO sequence.
- One frame shine at "Fight!"
- Enable score counting sound - Key skips (end of) score counting
- Enable Guy intro barrel sound
- Stars: Doesn't blink. - Tweak code to be faster and more smooth
- SPC tweak a bit faster load
- Gen stage splash sound only at water
- Winner screen, 60fps + xy moving sprite
- Put a small tweak to run in PAL @4 seconds: PAL speed turbo 1 (280 frames) almost matching US turbo 1 speed (285 frames). Tested it at SD2SNES (PAL), it's running smoother. More CPU time cause of 50fps

- Some more speed tweaks
- Super KO SFX enabled
- Many crash bug fixes
- Sodom name restored stats screen after fight
- Charlie name kept (instead of Nash), since US arcade uses Charlie
- 13 frames faster transition from z to stage
- Intro, Dan faster transition to Australia. Rocks stays
- Faster decompressor (move sets, before battle)
- Akuma Shun-goku-satsu KO animation speed and extended "frames"
- Fixed Dan's fathers frame
- Fixed Shin Akuma buggy frame (neutral jump lp) (Shin akuma wasn't meant to be playable, he has a chain combo while the arcade doesn't)
- More arcade accurate speed
- Music fade out after score counting
- Ryu vs. Sagat (CPU): Sagat starts closer and jumps backwards like arcade
- Akuma teleport second SFX (roar) enabled
- Akuma winning pose reorder (select+button)

- Many speed tweaks. Without SA-1
- Restore Nash/Sodom names (except after fight stats)
- Small changes, taken from arcade (like slomo duration after KO)

- Faster audio load, upload 2 bytes at the time instead of 1
- Tweaked audio engine for faster start of loading
- Disable some waste sample loads
- Title screen instant move selection after first start
- KO doesn't mute common sounds (punch etc)
- Timing changes in KO
- Super shine (background) length and frame rate like arcade

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Since : 2015-05-13

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Street Fighter Alpha 2 :: Comments


Post Mon 7 Nov 2022 - 12:27 by MemberPlayer

gizaha wrote:Start+key = Akuma
Select+Start+key = Akuma CPU controlled
True? So it was a silly mistake on my part! Thank you very much for your clarification. Now just enjoy the wonderful work you've put into this great game...

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Post Sat 19 Nov 2022 - 7:09 by 90s comeback

Seeing this port, and every Snes arcade port, and after making some graphical tests, i realized how far and impossible is to port any arcade game art wise because of its incredibly lame 256x224 res. If anyone wants to port any game in the future via PVSNES LIB (like some are already doing it for the Sega Genesis via SGDK) will see that it's almost impossible, i don't mean doing re drawings like in the 90s. I think the 512x224 res should be used somehow to reproduce games that are over 256x224 and below 512x224, i know that the 512x224 res is extremely limited and practically useless, but the Snes should take advantage of the 512x224 res to make almost arcade perfect ports a reality. Of course the Snes would need an external "help" (lower resolutions in 512x224 would display vertical black borders, so the image should be upscaled to fullscreen), like a new chip to achieve it, and in a future that "help/chip" could be an update to the FXPAK PRO.

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Post Sat 19 Nov 2022 - 7:14 by 90s comeback

And obviously, this "help/chip" should give the 512x224 res the possibility of displaying all the modes/colours/capabilities of the 256x224 res, and why not, some extra sprites/tiles would be welcomed.

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Post Sat 19 Nov 2022 - 13:10 by Cubear

That sounds like an unbelievable amount of work! Inventing a custom chip that then requires you to redo all the art assets and code the entire graphics engine over again from scratch...

Not to say it's impossible, but I can hardly even imagine the person who would take that project on.

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Post Sat 19 Nov 2022 - 14:42 by gizaha

512 resolution will fill the vram very soon, it will not fit all backrounds.
With 256x224 and vram data hardly fit.
A custom chip, since no cartridge can communicate with s-ppu, would require for cartridge to have video out, like 32x.
In total there will be a cartridge with custom processor, custom ppu and video out, so snes would do almost nothing. This is so Sega.

There's nothing wrong with 256x224 IF all arcade code (game's heart) is running on snes.
Snes has restrictions but that's the interesting part. It has the good amount of restrictions, not too many like NES, not too powerful like newer consoles. And how you use or overcome them is art. There is no art without restrictions.

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Post Sat 19 Nov 2022 - 15:53 by Cubear

you might be able to get around some of the vram size limitations via hdma use, but it just sounds hellish lmao

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