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Final Fantasy IV (J) / Final Fantasy II (US) - Page 2 Empty Final Fantasy IV (J) / Final Fantasy II (US)

Patch v3 (10/18/2019 Damcyan Castle remapped):

PCM Packs:
- Final Fantasy IV OCRemix & Others-Set Edited presented by darthvaderx v2 (damcyan castle separated)

- Kurrono set fixed by darthvaderx v2-

- Mathew Valente's Synthetic Origins presented by Brett_d92:
YouTube Preview

Enterprise Edition PCM Pack:
To use with the FF4: Free Enterprise Project:

- Get any Final Fantasy IV rom (US or Jap), non-headered! E.g., name is Final Fantasy IV (Japan) (Rev 1).sfc!
- Optionally: Apply any  translation patch.
- Check your rom size (some translation patches expand the rom to 1.5 MB). Ensure your rom has no header (some translation patches require one, if, remove it before applying the msu patch)
 - If your rom size is 1 MB, apply ff2_msu1_1MB.ips
 - if your rom size is 1.5 mb apply ff2_msu1_1.5MB.ips

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Final Fantasy IV (J) / Final Fantasy II (US) :: Comments


Post Wed 28 Aug 2019 - 19:02 by darthvaderx

Looking at the tracks I noticed that these PCMs repeat themselves:

1-6-11-16-33-49-129 (Battle 2)

3-15-50-53 (Battle with the Four Fiends)

5-97-214 (Mystic Mysidia)

17-248 (Run)

40-191 (Suspicion)

36-59 (Into the Darkness)

45-176 (Kingdom of Baron)

56-159 (Welcome to Our Town!)

58-99 (The Red Wings)

64-128-255 (Final Battle)

112-229 (Damcyan Castle)

Is it right?

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Post Wed 28 Aug 2019 - 22:30 by darthvaderx

Here we go again... (Seems like I don't like to leave you guys at ease, doesn't it?)  Ohmygod

When I'm going to fight Mist at the end of the cave, the battle has no music.

I tested the American, Japanese and translated Japanese versions, all gave the same result.

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Post Wed 28 Aug 2019 - 22:41 by darthvaderx

Second problem:

When I drop the bomb ring in Rydia city, the music that plays is the 'Run' theme, what should play would be the 'Ring of Bomb' theme, but it is not present on the set.
(The set I'm making contains this track.)

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Post Thu 29 Aug 2019 - 7:42 by darthvaderx

I finished making the set, now just test, a problem has already been solved:

PCM 17 = 'Ring of Bomb' Theme (not on Kurrono set, but on my yes).

PCM 248 = 'Run' Theme (normal, was also being used as PCM 17).

But it continues with the problem of lack of music in the battle with Mist.

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Post Thu 29 Aug 2019 - 11:22 by Conn

My apologies but I do not have time or energy to maintain this patch. Justice league bumped me off... and rpg are always difficult, since you don't access a buggy place quickly. Much luck with that Sad

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Post Thu 29 Aug 2019 - 11:33 by darthvaderx

Sorry... Sad

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Post Thu 29 Aug 2019 - 16:40 by darthvaderx

I managed to make the blessed music work !!! Since I am not a romhacker, I simply made the 'trial and error' scheme and so far it is working. What I did was simply enumerate PCM 01 (sub-boss battle theme) with other numbers and BINGO !!! That track is simply PCM 10 which is not listed on the set. I will now play FF ​​IV until the end to look for the bugs and when everything is ready I will release my pack, okay?

Razz (Conn)

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Post Fri 30 Aug 2019 - 6:43 by Conn

Sounds awesome Very Happy
We don't make you a romhacker do we? Razz

Edit: Kurrono didn't allow me to post the asm public, I sent it to you via pm.

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Post Thu 12 Sep 2019 - 0:51 by darthvaderx

I was going to release my set soon, but when testing the game I found that it has a huge variety of bugs that make it impossible for me to do so.
So I leave here the bug log I found so far (up to Fabul castle), if anyone out there will try to fix them I will continue the test. I am using the FFII USA v1.1 version because it is the easiest and fastest but the others (FFIVJAP and FFIVJAP-T+eng) showed the same problems, here the log (remembering that all names are from the American version):


01 - FIXED!!!

02 - FIXED!!!

03 - FIXED!!!.

04 - FIXED!!!

05 - FIXED!!!

06 - FIXED!!!

07 - FIXED!!!

08 - FIXED!!!

09 - FIXED!!!

10 - FIXED!!!

11 - FIXED!!!

12 - FIXED!!!

13 - FIXED!!!

14 - FIXED!!!

15 -  FIXED!!!

16 -  FIXED!!!

17 -  FIXED!!!

18 -  FIXED!!!

19 -  FIXED!!!

20 -  FIXED!!!

21 -  FIXED!!!

22 -  FIXED!!!


Let's see now how many new bugs await us (but even Fabul is all right now).

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Post Thu 12 Sep 2019 - 2:27 by pev

@darthvaderx I do hope someone (or Kurrono) will work on this, my friend. Honestly, I am not too fond of RPGs due to the huge amount of time it takes to completely test out bugs. So, with all due respect, I am out on this one. I just have too little time now a days to put my whole attention to get this game fixed. I do humbly apologize for this inconvenience.

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Post Thu 12 Sep 2019 - 4:35 by Conn

I can only second Pev... in SM RPG Jud6Ment luckily provided savestates, but e..g. in Illusion of Time I was on my own and needed to play the complete game 3 times on my own... which took me about 20 hours. But in contrast to FF4 I loved IoT, since I played it when I was young.

I marked the patch as "beta" in first post and also hope that K will make a revision.

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Post Fri 13 Sep 2019 - 3:40 by pev

psalmsamuel would be easier to start fresh with the usa version of the game...
@psalmsamuel As for Conn and myself, I do not see this happening any time soon from either of us. I do hope someone else can make this request for you. Much luck.

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Post Fri 13 Sep 2019 - 10:43 by Conn

The patch works on any FF4 (jap, us, hacked...).
I'm in contact with darthvaderx to clean up after K. He supplies me with savestates, so cross fingers.

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Post Fri 13 Sep 2019 - 12:14 by pev

Conn wrote:The patch works on any FF4 (jap, us, hacked...).
I'm in contact with darthvaderx to clean up after K. He supplies me with savestates, so cross fingers.
@Conn That is good news indeed, regarding the compatibility, for psalm and darth. Fantastic. With save states involved, I know you will knock this out of the ball park real soon.

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Post Mon 16 Sep 2019 - 13:35 by kurrono

Guys we have to remove the coding for the shared tracks..that's what is causing the trouble...the problem is I can't find other opcode to separate the songs right...maybe thru ram...but if u disabled that..the game might work better but the shared tracks can't be separated ..RPGs are pain to hack

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Post Mon 16 Sep 2019 - 15:22 by Conn

I'm currently in a revision with darthvaderx, and we are half way through. I did a complete revision of your code and the hook point works, it's not a problem with theme differentiation but of some bugs you made:

LDA #$01
LDA #$03
-- after the lda #$01 he needs to branch over the LDA #$03, otherwise all tracks loop

LDA #$00
cmp #$05
BNE $03
-- You loads a 00, compare it with 05 and may wonder why it always branches

cmp #$C0
BNE $03
LDA #$35
--why branching over 3 bytes when 2 are needed? Unbelieveable the game did not crash...

CMP #$08
BEQ msuSkip
--*err why is a cmp $08 and then a cmp 7f... necessary?

I cleaned up your code and except this here:
   LDA #$00
   cmp #$05
   BNE $02
   LDA #$63
and this here:
   LDY #$00
   cmp #$15
   BNE $02
   LDA #$16
(load a xixed variable in y and cmp it with fixed 15 will also always branch)
all works well. I'll see about this when darthvaderx will report the bug.

So just relax, we take care of it and will fix everything (hopefully) Wink

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Post Mon 16 Sep 2019 - 15:31 by kurrono

Thanks always Conn u the best !!

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Post Fri 11 Oct 2019 - 4:40 by Conn

Ok, darthvaderx and I are done with the patch, and v2 can be found in first post.

Unfortunately, the pcm sets are not yet revised, means K's set is too loud (v1 patch was adjusted to 8f for some reasons, I restored the standard ff in v2). Also, the track list has been completed, so some tracks in K's set are missing or wrong mapped.

Darthvaderx is currently working on his set and may also correct K's set, so for now please be a bit more patient! Very Happy

C Tracklist

(*) - Renamed or Added

ff2j_msu1-0.pcm    Jount the Party
ff2j_msu1-1.pcm    Battle 2
ff2j_msu1-3.pcm    Battle with the Four Fiends
ff2j_msu1-4.pcm    Somewhere in the World...
ff2j_msu1-5.pcm    Battle 2 (*)
ff2j_msu1-6.pcm    Battle 2
ff2j_msu1-9.pcm    Palom and Porom
ff2j_msu1-11.pcm  Battle 2
ff2j_msu1-13.pcm  Samba de Chocobo
ff2j_msu1-14.pcm  Battle 2 (*)
ff2j_msu1-15.pcm  Battle 2
ff2j_msu1-16.pcm  Battle 2
ff2j_msu1-17.pcm  Ring of Bomb (*)
ff2j_msu1-18.pcm  Dancing Girl
ff2j_msu1-22.pcm  The Airship
ff2j_msu1-23.pcm  Waterfall (*)
ff2j_msu1-24.pcm  Tower of Toz (*)
ff2j_msu1-25.pcm  Battle with the Four Fiends (*)
ff2j_msu1-29.pcm  Rydia
ff2j_msu1-33.pcm  Battle 2
ff2j_msu1-36.pcm  Into the Darkness
ff2j_msu1-40.pcm  Suspicion
ff2j_msu1-45.pcm  Kingdom of Baron
ff2j_msu1-49.pcm  Battle 2
ff2j_msu1-50.pcm  Battle with the Four Fiends
ff2j_msu1-53.pcm  Battle with the Four Fiends
ff2j_msu1-54.pcm  Fabul (*)
ff2j_msu1-56.pcm  Welcome to Our Town!
ff2j_msu1-58.pcm  The Red Wings
ff2j_msu1-59.pcm  Into the Darkness
ff2j_msu1-61.pcm  Fanfare
ff2j_msu1-64.pcm  The Final Battle
ff2j_msu1-68.pcm  (??????-When Tellah meets Anna in Damcyan)
ff2j_msu1-75.pcm  Chocobo Chocobo (*)
ff2j_msu1-77.pcm  Troian Beauty
ff2j_msu1-78.pcm  The Lunarians
ff2j_msu1-86.pcm  Giott, King of the DwarvesFgiant
ff2j_msu1-93.pcm  Ending part 2
ff2j_msu1-97.pcm  Mystic Mysidia
ff2j_msu1-98.pcm  The Prelude
ff2j_msu1-99.pcm  The Red Wings (Edit)
ff2j_msu1-100.pcm  Battle 2 (*)
ff2j_msu1-101.pcm  Mystic Mysidia
ff2j_msu1-103.pcm  Became a Paladin
ff2j_msu1-112.pcm  Damcyan Castle
ff2j_msu1-114.pcm  Land of Dwarves
ff2j_msu1-119.pcm  Ending part 1
ff2j_msu1-121.pcm  Hey Cid!
ff2j_msu1-128.pcm  The Final Battle
ff2j_msu1-129.pcm  Battle 2
ff2j_msu1-133.pcm  Another Moon
ff2j_msu1-134.pcm  Edward's Harp
ff2j_msu1-147.pcm  Lunar Whale
ff2j_msu1-153.pcm  Earthquake (*)
ff2j_msu1-159.pcm  Welcome to Our Town!
ff2j_msu1-163.pcm  Enter Fat Chocobo
ff2j_msu1-164.pcm  Golbez, Clad in Dark (*)
ff2j_msu1-168.pcm  Dancing Calbrena
ff2j_msu1-174.pcm  Within the Giant
ff2j_msu1-176.pcm  Kingdom of Baron
ff2j_msu1-186.pcm  Ending part 3
ff2j_msu1-189.pcm  Jingle
ff2j_msu1-191.pcm  Suspicion
ff2j_msu1-199.pcm  Set Sail (*)
ff2j_msu1-200.pcm  Chocobo Forest (*)
ff2j_msu1-207.pcm  Tower of Bab-il
ff2j_msu1-209.pcm  Mt. Ordeals
ff2j_msu1-213.pcm  Battle 1
ff2j_msu1-214.pcm  Mystic Mysidia
ff2j_msu1-215.pcm  Magma Key Falling (*)
ff2j_msu1-220.pcm  Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV
ff2j_msu1-228.pcm  Cry in Sorrow Part 1 (*)
ff2j_msu1-229.pcm  The Final Battle (*)
ff2j_msu1-231.pcm  A Long Way to Go
ff2j_msu1-233.pcm  Prologue
ff2j_msu1-235.pcm  The Land of Summons
ff2j_msu1-246.pcm  Theme of Love
ff2j_msu1-248.pcm  Run! (*)
ff2j_msu1-251.pcm  Sorrow and Loss
ff2j_msu1-255.pcm  The Final Battle

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Post Fri 11 Oct 2019 - 8:03 by darthvaderx

For now with this minor fix, the tracks have not yet been normalized which will take a little longer but is fully playable.

PCMs' update

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Post Fri 11 Oct 2019 - 8:06 by pev

@darthvaderx Posted to the top (overwrote K's original set). I updated the post. I noticed your fix pack was much smaller in size. Not sure if SPC fallback was incorporate and your pack just includes some tracks or some missing/re-arranged tracks are included with your temp fix. Since I am not sure, I have both K and your links at the top to be safe.

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Post Fri 11 Oct 2019 - 8:14 by darthvaderx

I just put the PCMs that were updated / added.

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Post Fri 11 Oct 2019 - 8:16 by pev

darthvaderx wrote:I just put the PCMs that were updated / added.
@darthvaderx Thanks for the clarification. I will still leave both links up, just in case.

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Post Fri 11 Oct 2019 - 8:19 by darthvaderx

In the future after normalizing all tracks I will be able to put the full set.

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