Mega Man X Relocalization + MSU-1 + SA-1

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Mega Man X Relocalization + MSU-1 + SA-1 Empty Mega Man X Relocalization + MSU-1 + SA-1

For those who haven't been able to use SA-1 with Relocalization, here you go:
Mega Man X Relocalization + MSU-1 + SA-1 Mega_m10

At first the SA-1 hack by Bosn didn't really get along with MSU-1 or the Relocalization hack by Jack Nagare.  But then, a patch was made that housed both the MSU-1 and SA-1 and made them live peacefully together, found here.  Relocalization tried to live with the two but it always ended with a crash.  But now this patch allows all three to live harmoniously together and it is beautiful.  Get ready for the ultimate Mega Man X-perience!  (Unless another hack comes out that further expands the X-perience.  In that case this wouldn't be the ultimate X-perience.  But for now it is!)

Apply this patch to Mega Man X (USA), not (Rev 1).

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