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Native Chrono Trigger Patch:
Patch Download
Discussion Thread
French Patch Version

Description: Not only does this hack replace all of the in-game music with high quality orchestrated versions, it also supports all of the anime cutscenes from the PSX version.  Work is still ongoing to improve the video quality, as well as to fix any remaining bugs in the audio code, but a final release should be available eventually.

FMV video to use with the PCM sets:
FMV file:

Audio file (already included in Blake Robinson PCM set, needed for Dracula9AntiChapel PCM Set only):

Password: !chrono_intro!

Blake Robinson PCM Set:
Important Note:
Before using this pcm set, read this appeal carefully:

Manual flac conversion: If you purchased the album from here, you can also convert the FLAC files to MSU-1 .pcm files using this tool and this config file.  See the usage instructions provided below.

Dracula9AntiChapel PCM Set:
An alternative audio pack has been graciously provided for free by Youtube user Dracula9AntiChapel, and it can be downloaded here:


Chrono Trigger Plus Patch:
Patch by ThegreatBen:

Missing tracks by edale:!mNAX2ApQ!A_agtCA158jVJXOQ1mOBeJwuPW0aSuOeIgxFiiKe_-8
This pack contains two restored cut themes that are not used in the the normal set, so you also need to download the normal pcm set

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Chrono Trigger :: Comments


Post Mon 8 Feb 2021 - 6:40 by Señor Ventura

Let´s see if i am understanding Well.

-Videos are all implemented in abscence of one or two.
-Videos are marked as “beta”, and probably there is no one without that “watermark”.
-In the last patch there are a bunch of them, but i’m not seeing any readme.txt to explain what these do:
·”Auto-run+” (enables the videos).
·“CT+ 2.4” (this?:
·”current music menu (no msu-1)” (supossedly it removes the main intro music with the snes one).
·”Magus cape” (no idea).
·”Marle” (no idea).
·”Nes difficulty” (no idea).

Do these patches applies all together without any conflict?.

Is there any complete videos without that “beta” mark in these?.

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Post Sat 13 Feb 2021 - 18:20 by JUD6MENT

edale wrote:So I came across an awesome real-instrument track remaster from Chrono Trigger on Youtube:

And I HAD to try it in-game. It's as amazing as you'd think, so I decided to share.

Here's the PCM:!mBZRiAIS!0KPO1aX3klzonvQ9lz7Uj-fLnE0uBCEC8ClqUo7KI9k

We came up with a solution to add single PCM tracks or small bundle tracks such as this one. We added to the official MSU-1 Hacks Database a new category called "PCM Track Swap" where there will be a master list of all single track swap outs. Thanks for your contribution edale and we encourage you to make as many of these tracks as you wish and we will add them at this location of the database.

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