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MegaManX/RockManX Patch (v16, sd2snes resume fix):
- now covers all standard "no header" US 1.0/1.1 and Jap 1.0/1.1 ROM versions
- now includes support for "Dr Light Theme"
- Jap RockmanX 1.0/1.1 patch merged with HerSaki's English Translation patch (v1.5)
- After Dr. Light spoke, the former bgm will resume instead starting from beginning

Hardtype version patch (v16):
- patch merged with Hardtype version

SA-1(v1.2) merged with v16:
- patch merged with SA-1 (1.2) Note: won't save freeze states with snes9x (v1.58 and higher) emulators

Full PCM Sets:
Savaged Regime Sega Mega Drive/Genesis YM2612 Style PCM set by Relikk (v2): Dr. Light theme added:  

Mega Man X [TheRetromancer] (-21dB) (v2): Dr. Light theme added:

Mega Man X* [Krzysztof Slowikowski Guitar Playthrough] (-21dB) (v2): Dr. Light theme added:

Mega Man X Guitar Legends MSU-1 presented by JUD6MENT (27th October 2020):
YouTube Preview

Mega Man X - Maverick Hunter X presented by Dark Mario Bros (v2):
YouTube Preview

Mega Man X - The Covers Duo by daniloroxette:
YouTube Preview

Dr.Light Theme collection by Jud6Ment:
(just replace theme 174 from one set donwloaded below with that theme you prefer from X1 folder)

Megaman-X Track Map: REVIEW

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Post Wed 24 Feb 2021 - 16:26 by Conn

You can always counter check on emu. If it works there flawlessly, your patching was alright. Id assume Relikk is right and you are not in possession of the pro version, which is mandatory to have SA1 support on sd2snes

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Post Mon 26 Apr 2021 - 23:14 by 7FoX

Oh no "Savaged Regime Sega Mega Drive/Genesis YM2612 Style PCM set by Relikk (v2)" is down Crying or Very sad

TY anyways for posting this, its 2021 and I just realized this existed!

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Post Tue 27 Apr 2021 - 4:15 by Relikk

The file is still there. OneDrive has been having this issue lately where it displays that the file is not available, and the next day it'll be fine.

Here's a backup link to all of my PCM sets, you can find the Savaged Regime pack there:!E65AASST!aySu1IwT10F6tQMrUyX02w

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