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MegaManX/RockManX Patch (v16, sd2snes resume fix):
- now covers all standard "no header" US 1.0/1.1 and Jap 1.0/1.1 ROM versions
- now includes support for "Dr Light Theme"
- Jap RockmanX 1.0/1.1 patch merged with HerSaki's English Translation patch (v1.5)
- After Dr. Light spoke, the former bgm will resume instead starting from beginning

Hardtype version patch (v16):
- patch merged with Hardtype version

SA-1(v1.2) merged with v16:
- patch merged with SA-1 (1.2) Note: won't save freeze states with snes9x (v1.58 and higher) emulators

Full PCM Sets:

Mega Man X* by MET [Krzysztof Slowikowski Guitar Playthrough] (-21dB) (v2): Dr. Light theme added:

Mega Man X Guitar Legends MSU-1 presented by JUD6MENT (Updated: December 23, 2021):

Mirror Download:
YouTube Preview

Savaged Regime Sega Mega Drive/Genesis YM2612 Style PCM set by Relikk (v2): Dr. Light theme added:  

Mega Man X [TheRetromancer] (-21dB) (v2): Dr. Light theme added:

Mega Man X - Maverick Hunter X presented by Dark Mario Bros (v2):
YouTube Preview

Mega Man X - The Covers Duo by daniloroxette:
YouTube Preview

21xx Redux Album - music by Wyllz Milare - PCM conversion by JUD6MENT:

Mirror Download:
YouTube Preview
SIDENOTE: Storm Eagle Stage corrupted PCM fixed. Sorry if you downloaded this before September 8th, 2023. You will need to redownload it.

Doctor Light Theme Update:
We originally released all three Mega Man X MSU-1 titles without the ability to play Doctor Light's theme. We have fixed that issue since original release of the patches. If you are a returning user of zeldix, you may find the below link useful as it has all Doctor Light Themes used in all the PCM sets in one collection.

Dr.Light Theme collection by JUD6MENT:
(just replace theme 174 from one set donwloaded below with that theme you prefer from X1 folder)

Patch: Mega Man X Plus
Custom Boss music by Cubear, for rom v 1.1



Description: This patch will allow all bosses in the game to have a different boss music theme load. To assemble, use a Mega Man X v1.1 (REV 1) rom as the base. Apply this patch to the fresh rom with no header. Then combine two PCM sets together by downloading a main PCM set from above and an extra tracks PCM set from below.

Track Map for New Tracks:
33. Sting Chameleon
34. Launch Octopus
35. Armored Armadillo
36. Flame Mammoth
37. Boomer Kuwanger
38. Chill Penguin
39. Spark Mandrill
40. Storm Eagle
41. Bospider (Sigma Fortress 1)
42. Rangda Bangda (Sigma Fortress 2)
43. D-Rex (Sigma Fortress 3)
44. Velgauder (Sigma Fortress 4, dog fight before sigma fights.)
45. Vile on first stage
46. Vile in Battle Armor (Sigma Fortress 1)
47. Vile out of Battle Armor (Main Vile Fight After Zero Explodes)

Extra Tracks PCM Add On (PCM themes 33-47 only):
MMX+ Series Greatest Fights PCM by JUD6MENT

YouTube Preview
Description: This PCM set gives every boss in the game a different track that can be from any boss fight in the mega man series. I recommend this one.

MMX+ Multi-Artist PCM by JUD6MENT

YouTube Preview
Description: Every boss theme has a different music artist but is still using the same correct boss theme from Mega Man X.

Megaman-X Track Map: REVIEW

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Mega Man X :: Comments


Post Fri 17 Nov 2023 - 13:36 by JHelmeke

Hey guys, I'm looking for a track map of MMX.  Whenever I click on the review link, listed here, I'm directed to Google Sheets and denied access.  I've requested access three times without any response.  I've also scanned the comments here and found no track map listed in the comments.  I need a track map for MMX, because I'm trying to merge Krzysztof Slowikowski Guitar Playthrough with the Mega Man X Guitar Legends PCM Set.  Moving forward, can we just have the track map embedded here on the Zeldix website?

My Gmail inbox may be busted at this time due to an abundance of spam.  I'd rather not create a whole new account just to gain access to a single track map for an SNES game...

Thanks, everyone!

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Post Fri 17 Nov 2023 - 19:35 by JUD6MENT

I will answer your question in one moment, but first, Please try to leave a question in an existing forum, like on the actual megaman x page. Otherwise we are going to get a bunch of comments all over the place in our released projects section. When i get home i am going to need to delete this post.

Anyway, what you really want is the ability to listen to pcm music like it is mp3. As part of this tutorial on how to patch roms i take a moment to show how to listen to pcm files

Megaman x is not a big sound track so being able to just listen to the music should help you out. Look at about the 5 minute mark of my tutorial, the part that says "foobar2000 and plug in"

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Post Sat 18 Nov 2023 - 15:47 by Cubear

merged with the megaman x thread. additionally, i have a copy of the track map, so i have linked it here:

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Post Sat 18 Nov 2023 - 15:59 by JUD6MENT

Cubear wrote:merged with the megaman x thread.  additionally, i have a copy of the track map, so i have linked it here:

Thank you very much Cubear. I get busy sometimes to pull out my laptop and I hate trying to do something more than reply to a message when I am on zeldix on my phone. glad you had a track map too.

Glad we had what we needed to help you out JHelmeke, feel free to let us know if you need anything other assistance.

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Post Sun 19 Nov 2023 - 0:00 by JHelmeke

Okay, I found a trackmap for MMX over at, however, I'd still like it if it were possible to just embed the trackmap here on  This is were I get most of my current/updated MSU-1 patches...

Sorry for posting the previous message as a whole new topic.

Here's a complete list for those reading this from the future:

01 = Intro Stage
02 = Sting Chameleon
03 = Launch Octopus
04 = Armored Armadillo
05 = Flame Mammoth
06 = Boomer Kuwanger
07 = Chill Penguin
08 = Spark Mandrill
09 = Storm Eagle
10 = Sigma Stage 1
11 = Simga Stage 2
12 = Simga Stage 3
13 = Simga Stage 4
14 = Boss Battle 1
15 = Title Screen (No Loop)
16 = Stage Select
17 = Victory Jingle ! (No Loop)
18 = Stage Selected Jingle (No Loop)
19 = Boss Battle 2 Intro tension
20 = Boss Battle 2
21 = Zero Appears
22 = Zero Talks
23 = Got a Weapon (No Loop)
24 = Password
25 = Simga Stage Select
26 = Simga Battle 1
27 = Sigma Battle 2
28 = Ending Theme 1
29 = Ending Theme 2
30 = Boss Battle 1 Intro tension
31 = Sigma Battle 2 Intro
32 = Game Credits

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